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Chapter 593: Be a Stepping Stone for Nothing


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Generally speaking, the official launch of a TV drama production would start with the director and screenwriter, but most of the time, this segment did not bring in publicity.

Most of the time, it was the crews audition or even the selection of the male and female leads that attracted the attention and discussion of the audience.

This drama was no exception.

Hai Yi Entertainments sudden announcement that Pan Youan would be directing “Empress” did not attract much attention at the start.

Only a small portion of the audience who had heard of Pan Youans name exclaimed, “Director Pan is filming a new drama again.

Im looking forward to it!”

However, a portion of the media quickly tried to steer the conversation towards East City.

Some media outlets had caught Xia Junsheng visiting Pan Youan personally to discuss a collaboration.

At that time, people were speculating whether Pan Youan wanted to collaborate with East City to film a new drama.

Due to the smooth negotiations between the two of them, the people in East City thought that this matter was almost certain, so they didnt bother to suppress this matter.

Unexpectedly, it happened to be exposed and became an important handle for those Internet celebrities.

[Did I remember wrongly Didnt the media expose a few days ago that Director Pan was going to be directing East Citys new drama, “Prima Donna” Why did he suddenly go to direct Hai Yi Entertainments drama)

Coupled with the news report that the media had exposed Xia Junsheng entering and exiting Director Pans studio, it soon attracted some attention.

A lot of people knew that it was impossible for a director to direct two television dramas at the same time in the short term, especially a period drama that required a long time to prepare.

“Prima Donna and “Empress” were both television dramas with ancient backgrounds.

It was very easy for people to compare the same type of drama.

In the eyes of the audience, the producers of both dramas had sought out Pan Youan, hoping that he could direct their own drama.

But in the end, Pan Youan had chosen “Empress” and given up on “Prima Donna.

What did this mean It meant that in Pan Youans eyes,Empress was more valuable thanPrima Donna.

Although everyone had their own preferences, everyone had the mentality of following the crowd.

If they wanted to choose, they had to choose the best.

As for what was the best Many people had their own standards for this “best”, but in peoples eyes, most people felt that the “best” definitely had its reasons, at least a little better than other similar types.

This was perhaps the key to many peoples choices.

It was the same for watching dramas.

How many people would be willing to watch a television drama that was fundamentally rejected and deemed inferior

After that, the Internet Water Army started to leave the stage.

They intentionally led the audience to think in this direction.

While they praised “Empress”, they did not forget to bash “Prima Donna.

Clearly, the script had not been released yet, and the actors had not been decided yet.

From the confident tone of these people, it was as if they had already decided that “Empress” would definitely explode and “Prima Donna would definitely fail.

Ever since Pan Youan went back on his word and went to Hai Yi Entertainment, East City had been on guard against this matter.

As soon as the news came out, it was immediately reported to Su Yayan.

Su Yayan watched the familiar sales pitch and her lips curled into a mocking smile.

“Theyve started.”

“Dont be angry.

Youre not the one who should be angry.”

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Su Yayan snorted coldly.

She was angry and relieved.

“Luckily, I felt that something was wrong when I heard that stupid director had gone to Hai Yi Entertainment.

I quickly found Director Luo to save the situation.

Otherwise, wouldnt I have been their stepping stone for nothing”


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