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Chapter 60: Whats That Smell

Yang Jinyou was the owner of a listed company.

He was not even 30 years old this year, but his net worth was hundreds of millions.

For him to have accomplished such an achievement, his family background was one of the reasons.

However, his abilities were not to be underestimated.

It was most aggravating that compared to his ability, people were more interested in his personal affairs.

That was right.

The big boss, who was under thirty, had changed so many girlfriends in the past that if all of them lined up together, they could form a long line around his companys building.

Although most of his ex-girlfriends and he had adopted the merry meet, merry part philosophy, it did not prevent the upper-class circle from gossiping about the love affairs of the millionaire playboy.

However, recently, Young Master Yang had encountered a problem that was very distressing for him.

“President Yang, your takeaway is here.” His female secretary knocked on his office door and held out an insulated lunch box.

The next second, she heard the sound of footsteps rushing to the door.

The door opened slightly, and a hand stretched out, grabbing the insulation box in her hand.

With a bang, the door slammed shut again.

Yang Jinyou yelled at his secretary frantically, “Dont let anyone in my office for the next half an hour.”

Yang Jinyou sat in front of the table, staring at the lunch box in front of him expectantly and nervously.

After a while, he seemed to have made up my mind.

He untied the bag outside the box and opened the lunch box.

The familiar smell that he had smelled in the live broadcast room wafted into his nostrils.

Yang Jinyou went rigid.

He could not wait to pick up the soup spoon and down its contents.

Su Yayan had considered that the effects of the seahorses she raised in her fishpond were several times stronger than the ordinary seahorse, so she had deliberately diluted it with a lot of water.

The soup that Yang Jinyou had received was chock full of benefits, not to mention that he was extremely fortunate to be assigned a pot containing a male and a female seahorse.

Yang Jinyou drank a few mouthfuls of the soup and tried to take a bite of the dried seahorse.

To his surprise, the seahorse did not have the fishy smell that typically accompanied dried ingredients but was very delicious and chewy.

When he came to his senses, he had drunk a whole bowl of soup, and there were not even bones left.

Yang Jinyou burped contentedly, unsure if his enjoyment was imaginary.

After drinking the soup, he felt that the chills in his body that had built up in the past few days had almost disappeared, and he felt warm and very comfortable.

“I dont know if this soup is effective.

Should I…” He considered meeting with his new girlfriend that night to give it a shot.

His last girlfriend broke up with him because of his problems in that domain and even blackmailed him out of plenty of money to keep quiet about it.

In case this girlfriend of his also…

Yang Jinyou was hesitant, but his thoughts were soon interrupted by a sudden noise outside the door.

“Young Master Ning, Young Master Ning, please wait.

It is inconvenient for our boss to meet guests now.

Please dont make things difficult for us.

Sigh, Young Master Ning…”

Yang Jinyous expression changed into one of panic.

He stood up in fright and hurriedly packed up the things on the table.

When Ning Qirui barged in, he had just stuffed the lunch box into the desk drawer.

Once he looked up, the dark face of his friend greeted him.

The expression on Yang Jinyous face was slightly stiff, and he asked sheepishly, “Qirui, why are you here”

Ning Qirui frowned at him and sniffed the air.

“What is this smell in your office”

“Smell” Yang Jinyou only remembered that the dried ingredients soup taste was extremely overpowering.

As he just drank a large bowl of it, he had gotten used to the taste.

Ning Qirui, who had barged in from outside, must have found the smell pungent, so it made sense that he noticed it.


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