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Chapter 609 Little Baby Clothes


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Huo Chenhuan was stunned.

When he realized that Su Yayan also didnt seem to know how to do the things she mentioned, the two of them were already on the plane to C


The flight from A City to C City only took one and a half hours.

Su Yayan took a short nap and when she opened her eyes, she was already there.

The person who came to pick them up was Cheng Junhao.

This man, who was about to become a newly promoted father, was glowing with health and vigor.

He looked

much younger than before.

However, there were two obvious dark circles under her eyes.

He probably hadnt slept well recently.

“Youve finally arrived.

Lets go.

Your aunt is still waiting for you at home.” Cheng Junhao excitedly led the two of them out the moment he received them.

The smile on his

face never faded.

“Has Aunt been well recently Has the baby been bothering her”

“It has.” The smile on Cheng Junhaos face deepened at the mention of his wife and child.

“This little rascal keeps causing trouble every other day.

Were all worried that it

might not be able to stay here any longer and want to come out early.”

“Aunts due date should still be two to three weeks, right”

“Yes, but Dad and I are worried about your aunts health.

After all, she is not young anymore.

We want her to be admitted to the hospital in two weeks.

If she really gives

birth early, at least she will be in good hands.”

Although Cheng Junhao was happy to have a baby, he was also worried about his wifes health.

These few days, he would occasionally wake up in the middle of the night.


was afraid that if his wife made any movements, he would fall asleep and not hear her.

Su Yayan could tell that he was worried, so she consoled him.

“Although Aunt is not young anymore, her health has always been good.

As long as she takes care of herself

during her pregnancy, shell be fine.”

“Im relieved to hear that.” Cheng Junhao smiled and said nothing more.

When Cheng Junhao brought the two of them back to the Cheng residence, it was almost noon.

The courtyard of the Cheng residence was similar to the courtyard house on

ancient Earth.

Although it was not as luxurious as the Su familys and Huo familys small villas, it had an antique charm to it.

When Qin Xueru received Cheng Junhaos call, she was already waiting in the hall.

Upon hearing the commotion outside, she immediately stood up and walked out.

She was already nine months pregnant.

Her stomach was round and it was inconvenient for her to walk.

When Su Yayan and the rest saw her, they rushed over.

“Slow down, slow down.” Su Yayan rushed forward to support Qin Xueru.

“Your stomach is already so big, why are you still running out”

“Its because I was too happy to hear the commotion and see you here!” Qin Xueru took the initiative to greet Huo Chenhuan.

“Chenhuan is here too.

Dont be so restrained.

Just treat this as your own home.”

Huo Chenhuan nodded and handed his luggage along with Cheng Junhaos luggage to the servants at home.

He only carried the pet cage with him.

Qin Xueru looked at the huge row of boxes behind them and was shocked.

“What did you guys bring There are so many boxes.”

“Other than two of the clothes that Chenhuan and I brought over, the rest were all brought over by my mother.

There are diapers, milk powder, and little baby clothes.


dont know what the rest of the things are, but there are a lot of them.”

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“Pfft…” Qin Xueru was dumbfounded when she heard that.

She laughed out loud.” We have all these things here.

We even had to trouble you guys to specially bring them

over from such a long distance.

Furthermore, were not sure if its a boy or a girl.

Why did you start buying little baby clothes”.


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