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Chapter 62: Dun Dun Was Aggrieved

Su Yayan walked around her familys entertainment company.

After getting a general understanding of its current operations, she was ready to head back.

Just as Xia Junsheng walked her to the entrance, he received a call.

“What Was there a request to change someone Who”

“Wen Jingping Is she our companys artist If she is not, then swap her out.

Anyway, this is only the beginning.

There shouldnt be any issues if we have one less person.”

“Wait…” Su Yayan could not help interrupting Xia Junshengs conversation with the person on the other end of the phone.

Xia Junsheng froze for a moment, then turned to look at her in confusion.

“What is the matter”

“Someone wants to swap out Wen Jingping Who is it”

“Erm…” Xia Junsheng hesitated for a moment and repeated her question to the person on the other end of the phone.

At first, the person was unwilling to disclose it, but he eventually gave in and said frankly, “Its the Vice President.

He said that it was a directive from the Huo family.”

“The Huo family” Su Yayan was surprised.

Huo Shaofeng and Wen Jingping were in their honeymoon period, and he could not be more eager to play the role of a supportive partner.

He certainly would not allow her withdrawal from the show.

Huo Shaofengs parents also did not seem to be people who cared about such small matters.

The only explanation was…

Su Yayan thought of someone who said nothing but secretly had her back.

The corners of her mouth curved up.

“I understand.

Ill speak to him.

Dont move her for the time being.”

Su Yayan was worried that Xia Junsheng and the company would misunderstand and added, “You dont need to withdraw her from the show, but dont pay too much attention to her either.

Just take care of our people.”

Xia Junsheng was not stupid.

He understood Su Yayans stance in her words.

They did not need to make life difficult for the woman named Wen Jingping, but they would not open any windows of opportunity for her either.

It would not matter which position she could achieve nor how far she could go.

Su Yayan did not make matters difficult for Xia Junsheng and the vice president of that company.

However, she gave Huo Chenhuan a video call on the way home.

When the video call had connected, Huo Chenhuan was busy coaxing Dun Dun to eat.

Yes, he was coaxing it to eat.

This corgi fur kid, which symbolized the love of the two, had enjoyed an unprecedented royal treatment since joining the Huo family.

Not only did it have a dog-sized luxury villa, but it also had an independent wardrobe and toilet.

The most important thing was that Huo Chenhuan was always on standby for any matters concerning it.

He would not entrust anyone else to care for it and diligently served as its dog keeper.

Yu Ziyan and others suspected that their young master was raising that fat dog as his daughter.

Dun Dun, “…” Who are you calling fat!

As soon as the video call connected, Su Yayan saw the magnified dog face of her little fur kid.

Its round eyes were like black grapes, and once it saw her, it was as if it found its pillar of support.

Its face was full of resentment, and it yapped woefully, as though it had suffered from terrible grievances.

Su Yayan looked at it in a stupor and did not quite understand what was going on.

“Whats wrong with it Is it acting up and being difficult”

“It is being difficult and refuses to eat.”

“Why are you irritated and difficult all of a sudden Do you miss me”

“Its not like that.” Huo Chenhuan rarely looked helpless and embarrassed as he did now.

“It is on heat now, so its a little restless.

When the housekeeper passed by in the morning, he casually asked if he should bring it for neutering.

It overheard him, so all morning it ignored me and refused to eat…”


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