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Chapter 640 Just a Freeloader!

“Since Yanyan likes it, find a fish tank and put the fish in the yard.”

“Okay.” Su Yayan nodded.

Then, she seemed to have thought of something.

Her gaze shifted and landed on the two fish in the other two grandfathers buckets.

“Grandpa Deng and Grandpa Fans fish are quite big.

Why dont we gather them together and have some Spicy Boiled Fish for lunch I didnt manage to invite the few of you for a meal yesterday, so I can make up for it today.

I wonder if the few of you are willing to give me


Su Yayans words lit up everyones eyes.

“Im willing, Im willing.

Since were free, lets take this opportunity to gather.” “Thats right, thats right.

Its rare for Yanyan to come back.

How can we not give you face We should take this opportunity to have a taste of Yanyans cooking.

You dont know how much Old Man Cheng has been telling us about how good your cooking is these few months.

We old men have been craving for it.”

“Thats right, thats right.

This old man is really evil.

He knows that we cant eat it, but he still keeps tempting us!”

Su Yayan listened to their complaints about her grandfather and couldnt help but laugh.

“Then Ill buy these two fish from both of the grandfathers.”

“Why do you need to buy the fish from them” As soon as she finished speaking, Old Master Cheng interrupted her unhappily.

“Its just two fish.

Theyre freeloading off our family.

How can they ask you for money” Su Yayan called him in disapproval.


Grandpa Deng and Grandpa Fan agreed with what Old Master Cheng said.

The fish looked rare, but even if they brought it home, their chef might not be able to cook it as well as Su Yayan.

In other words, they had taken advantage of her.

“Old Man Cheng is right.

Speaking of which, this fish was caught in your backyard.

Its your familys fish.

The two of us are not so downtrodden that we even want to haggle over the money for the two fish with a junior like you.

Besides, we have big appetites, so these two fish might not be enough for us to eat.

Speaking of which, we still have the advantage.”

Su Yayan didnt insist.

Old Master Cheng glanced at the two of them approvingly.

At least he didnt mind them coming over to freeload.

Then, he shifted his gaze to Grandpa Li and said meaningfully, “As for you…”

Although he did not finish her sentence, his eyes were clearly mocking him.

The other two contributed two fish, but what about you Youre just a freeloader!

Grandpa Li felt as if his heart had been stabbed by an arrow again.

He thought to himself, “Do you think I care about your familys free food Its all because your granddaughters culinary skills are too good, making people lose their taste after eating something else once.”

Besides, other than Old Deng and Old Fan, he was not the only one who had contributed nothing.

Why did they have to fight him alone They were really too much!

Grandpa Li was filled with anger, but he could not say anything.

He could only sulk.

On the other hand, Grandpa Deng and Grandpa Fan, who had made some basic contributions and could not be considered freeloaders, were full of confidence.

They curiously asked Su Yayan about the Spicy Boiled Fish.

“Yanyan, did you just say that the boiled fish is delicious Is it steamed or braised or made into soup Is it as good as the braised food you made yesterday” Grandfather Fan couldnt help but swallow a mouthful of saliva as he spoke.

“Yanyan, the braised food you made yesterday was really delicious.

My eldest sons grandson always had to be forced to eat when he ate.

Last night, with the braised food, he actually drank an extra bowl of porridge.

No one needed to coax him to eat more.”

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