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The other two had similar experiences, they were given such an advantage out of the blue.

Although they were embarrassed to send some real-time comments, at least they wanted to show some gratitude.


Su Yayan knew what was happening when she saw a few of them were giving rewards.


She had already received Conviction Points from a few people, which indicated that they had drunk her soup, and experienced its effectiveness.


After thanking the viewers, she told them about her schedule today.


“Theres good news and bad news, which one first”


The deadly introduction caused the livestreams comments to lag for a few seconds, then someone asked with concern that what was the bad news Was the host facing some problems


Su Yayan was startled for a moment, she had no idea that the viewers would react this way.

Her brows were slightly furrowed, but she could not hold back her laughter.


“The bad news is, someone is coming over to my house today, and I had to prepare some food for him now.

So the dishes Ive prepared are not available for the lucky draw today.

Im sorry.”


This was out of their expectations, but most of them expressed that they understood, it was the host who prepared the dishes, she had the right to decide whether to give it away or to whom.


What they were more concerned about was…


[Someone Is it that someone Im thinking about Why am I taken by surprise that I am being fed with a mouthful of dog food while watching a gourmet livestream in the early morning The tough life of being single!]


[Imagine the Host personally making him soups and the other dishes, forgive me for being a sourpuss!]


[Huh, didnt anyone notice that she said someones coming over If theyre a couple, shouldnt she be saying coming back or something else, are they separated or he just came back from a business trip]


Su Yayan glimpsed at the comment, she slightly smiled and explained.

“Were getting married next month, and were not staying together at the moment.”


The viewers then suddenly came to a realization.


[So theyre engaged, but not married yet, does that mean theres a chance for me]


[Yes, yes, yes, getting married is a big deal.

Host, what about me Im actually…]


Viewers A and B were just talking trash and teasing around, they did not mean to interfere with other peoples marriage.

When they were writing another comment, realizing that they were… banned from talking.


Viewer A and B, “”


It was the first time Huo Chenhuan using his administrator privileges to get rid of those annoying comments which were trying to steal his girlfriend by deleting them and prohibited them from talking for an hour to teach them a lesson.


Once the ones who were discussing their marriage left, comments were asking Su Yayan if they could do a marriage livestream, or holding a giveaway on their wedding day, or to make more Chinese medicinal cuisine for a lucky draw.


Su Yayan did not even realize it, she said nicely, “I cant host a livestream on the wedding day as itll be a busy day, after that, Ill make up for not being able to fulfill your wishes by giving away some gifts.

Good news The good news is since Im preparing more dishes today, the livestream will be longer.”


Right after Su Yayan said this, the screen was full of whining comments.


[What kind of good news is this Only can watch but cant eat, whats more tormenting than this]


There were too many complaints on the screen, eventually, Su Yayan was forced to say, “Alright, as compensation Ill switch on the scent simulator.

Although you cant eat it, you can still smell it, is that fine”


Su Yayan backing down at least calmed the excited viewers down, however, they regretted it immediately.


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