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Chapter 662 At Least You Know Whats Good For You

The room fell silent again.

Su Yayan was still in the feeding position.

She blinked and was at a loss as to how to react to Old Master Chengs sudden resentment.

Huo Chenhuan reacted in time.

He picked up a piece of bread from the plate and handed it to Grandpa Cheng.

He even complimented him with a strong desire to live, “Grandpa, you must be joking.

No one can starve you.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

I didnt ask you because I thought you didnt like to eat such greasy pastries.

If I had known that you liked it, I would have been the first to get it for you.

How could it be his turn before you”

Hearing this, Old Master Chengs expression became better.

He gave Huo Chenhuan an “at least you know whats good for you” look and snorted arrogantly before taking the wife cake from him and eating it.

Only then did the two of them heave a sigh of relief, knowing that at least they had passed this round.

When Cheng Junhao saw this scene, he almost couldnt hold back his laughter.

You guys are showing off your affection in front of the Old Master, right

Qin Xueru shot him a warning glance and took the initiative to change the topic.

She smiled and asked, “Have you told Xiuqin and the others about your pregnancy”

“Not yet.

I only found out yesterday.

Ill talk to them later.”

“Thats good too.

Your parents will definitely be very happy to know about this.” Qin Xueru nodded and said, “It just happens that I have to go to the hospital in two days.

When the time comes, you can come with me and do a checkup.

Its safer.”

Qin Xuerus expected date of delivery was almost here.

It would only be a few days.

Her pregnancy was considered to be high-risk as she was not young, and her family members were all rather nervous.

They had already booked a delivery room in advance and were prepared to go to the hospital to wait for delivery, just in case.

Even though Su Yayan was the one who helped her nurse her pregnancy, there was a saying that doctors should not treat themselves.

No matter how capable a doctor was, he would have to seek help from others when he was sick.

Besides, Su Yayan was not considered a doctor.

It would be safer for her to go for a checkup with her.

“Xueru is right.

Its safer to go to the hospital for a checkup for the first time.

If theres really no problem, if you dont want to go to the hospital later, there will be a detector at home.

Its the same at home.”

When Qin Xueru had first gotten pregnant, Cheng Junhao had been extremely nervous.

He had even specially bought a small detection device so that he could know the condition of the mother and child at any time.

Now that Qin Xueru was about to give birth, the detection machine was no longer needed.

It was just nice for Su Yayan.

Su Yayan knew that they were concerned about her, so she nodded obediently.

After they finished talking, they got up and left, leaving Huo Chenhuan alone with her.

Su Yayan was afraid that she would get bored and start thinking about other things.

She was too nervous, so she asked Huo Chenhuan to call her parents and tell them that she was pregnant.

Cheng Xiuqin and the rest were as happy as Qin Xueru had expected when they found out that Su Yayan was pregnant.

If Su Yayan had not comforted her for a long time, Cheng Xiuqin would have booked a plane ticket and flown over immediately.

Su Yayan finally finished her dinner and rubbed her tummy in satisfaction.

“Should we tell Uncle Zhang”

Su Yayan still needed to inform her family.

Although Huo Chenhuan had an elder brother, he might as well not have one.

Of course, there was no need to inform him of such a joyous occasion.

Otherwise, he might even think that they were deliberately showing off to him.

After thinking about it, it seemed like he could only inform Uncle Zhang.


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