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Chapter 676 I Heard It Was A Flash Marriage

Su Yayans face darkened.

She really wanted him to leave, but there were so many people at the banquet.

It was not a good time to openly get into a conflict with Cheng Fenglang and ruin the banquet that her uncle and aunt had prepared meticulously.

She could only secretly call for a certain fellow who had gone to get some fruit juice to come back earlier to help her out.

However, to Su Yayans surprise, Huo Chenhuan only returned after half an hour.

Huo Chenhuan returned with a cup of freshly squeezed fruit juice.

His expression turned even uglier when he saw a stranger sitting beside Su Yayan!

“Yanyan, your juice is ready.”

Su Yayan had long lost her patience with a certain someone.

When she heard Huo Chenhuans voice, her eyes lit up as if she had seen her savior.

She complained coquettishly, “Why did you take so long to come back”

“The kitchen ran out of ingredients, so I asked someone to go out and buy some ingredients,” Huo Chenhuan explained patiently before turning to Cheng Fenglang.

“And this is”

When Cheng Fenglang saw Su Yayans undisguised dependence on the person in front of him, his eyes darkened and he smiled faintly.

“Im Yanyans cousin.

You must be Yanyans newlywed husband.

Hello, Im Cheng Fenglang.”

Cheng Fenglang extended his hand towards Huo Chenhuan.

Huo Chenhuan glanced at the hand in front of him.

His eyes flickered as he shook it.

Two seconds after they shook hands, Su Yayan caught a whiff of smoke.

Su Yayan frowned and took the initiative to hold Huo Chenhuans arm.

She smiled and asked, “Why did you only get one cup Arent you drinking”

Huo Chenhuan helped Su Yayan to sit down and his expression softened.

“There arent many ingredients, just enough for one cup.”

Su Yayans eyes lit up.

“Shall we share the drink then”

Normally, Huo Chenhuan would never fight with his wife for food.

However, when he saw the man sitting opposite her, the words that were about to come out of his mouth changed.


Su Yayan and Huo Chenhuans closeness made Cheng Fenglangs face pale for a moment, but he quickly smiled.

“The two of you have such a good relationship.

Its not like what the rumors say…”

“Rumors” Su Yayan raised an eyebrow and cut him off.

“What are the rumors about us”

Cheng Fenglang choked and did not answer directly.

Instead, he asked tactfully, “I heard that you two got married in a flash”

Su Yayan knew what he was hinting at and her eyes turned cold.

She was about to explain when Huo Chenhuan reached out and held her hand tightly under the table, interlocking their fingers.

“It was indeed a flash marriage.

We fell in love with each other at first sight.”

“Thats romantic.”

Su Yayan snorted coldly in her heart and silently cursed him for being a hypocrite.

However, she said sweetly, “I think so too.

Some people are just like that.

You only need to look at them to know that they are the most perfect choice in your life.”

On the contrary, some people, even if they have been by their side for decades, are destined not to be together.

Cheng Fenglangs eyes lit up when he heard her.

He opened his mouth and was about to say something when Su Yayan interrupted him.

“Of course, relationships are two-way.

A forced relationship isnt sweet either.

I like him, and he just happens to like me.

It saves a lot of trouble.

Otherwise, we wouldnt be able to get married so quickly even if we wanted



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