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Chapter 690 Chaos in the Family

Huo Chenhuan saw some porridge on the corner of Su Yayans mouth and reached out to wipe it for her.

“Since she doesnt want to acknowledge that person, why do you look so troubled Isnt this a good thing”

“Of course, its a good thing that she doesnt want to acknowledge that man.” Su Yayan sighed.

“But its because she doesnt want to that there will be trouble.

This scum suddenly came to look for Xiaoqi after such a long time and even wanted to bring her home.

There must be something fishy about this.

Xiaoqi is a girl after all.

If she angers him…”

“Are you worried that they will use force if she doesnt agree to their demands”

“Mm.” Su Yayan bent her head and adjusted the spoon in her bowl.

She lowered her eyes and said, “Help me find out more about this man and his real motive for coming to look for Xiaoqi.

I have a feeling that he must have some ulterior motive for appearing so suddenly and wanting to acknowledge Xiaoqi.”

Su Yayan knew why this person was here.

However, she knew so much because she had experienced it herself in her previous life.

Since she had no evidence, she could not possibly tell Ling Xiaoqi that she knew why her scumbag father was looking for her.

She also knew that once she returned home, her scumbag fathers first wife would join forces with her maternal family to take revenge on her.

In the near future, they would cause her to suffer a miserable death.

Not to mention whether Ling Xiaoqi believed her or not, anyone who had even the slightest idea would probably treat her like a lunatic.

“Okay, Ill look into it for you.”

“Thank you, darling.” Su Yayan chuckled and took the initiative to kiss Huo Chenhuan.

Huo Chenhuans eyes darkened.

“You want to bribe me with such a small reward”

“Then what other reward do you want” Su Yayan stood up and rubbed her tummy, which was barely visible.

“Hmph, I have your baby in my tummy.

I just want you to help me with something and you already want this and that.

Have I been spoiling you too much recently”

Huo Chenhuan was amused by her, but he still stood up cooperatively and said, “Yes, yes, yes, youre right.

Youre the most important person in our family now.

If you need anything, just tell me.

I have no objections, and I wont ask for anything in return.”

Despite what he said, Huo Chenhuan still leaned over and kissed her again.

He then said in a low voice, “Ill go check it out.

Wait for my news.”


It had to be said that Huo Chenhuan was quite quick with his actions.

In other words, what had happened in the Qin family recently was not a secret.

They would be able to find out after some investigation.

Ling Xiaoqis biological father was called Qin Fangde, and he was the current head of the Qin family in City F.

The internal affairs of the Qin family were quite complicated, and there were all kinds of messy connections.

Qin Fangdes position as the person in charge was not stable.

Back then, his father, who was also the previous head of the Qin family, had raised his son using poorly methods.

Qin Fangde had two elder brothers and one younger brother.

They were not easy to deal with.

At that time, Qin Fangde, who was neither high nor low in position, actually had an awkward position at home.

In addition, his ability was not outstanding compared to other brothers.

Instead, he became the most neglected and also the most useless one.

No one had expected that his three brothers would fight to the death over the inheritance.

In the end, one of them was crippled while the other two died, allowing him, the most inconspicuous one, to pick up the scraps.

However, his brothers were no longer a threat to him.

Instead, he had left behind a bunch of nephews who were eyeing his position as the family head, ready to take a bite out of him at any time.


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