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Chapter 691 He Had No Choice

This was especially true for his fourth brother, Qin Jinghongs two sons.

After all, the children of his two older brothers had lost their fathers when they were young.

They were not as confident as these two children.

As for his fourth brother, because he was the youngest child in the family, he had been very favored by Old Master Qin since he was young, which was also Qin Fangdes father.

He was a strong competitor for the position of the family head.

Even when he was crippled later on, he always believed that it was Qin Fangde who snatched away the position of the family head that originally belonged to him, causing Qin Fangde a lot of trouble.

Under his influence, his two sons naturally had the same thought.

They felt that the position of family head should have belonged to their father.

Qin Jinghong was not in good health, so it was fine to let Qin Fangde take over temporarily.

Now that they were all grown up, this position should be returned to their


This thought had reached its peak after Qin Fangdes son Qin Junwus accidental death some time ago!

In the past year, he had been constantly playing tricks.

He could not wait to kick Qin Fangde off the family head position and replace him.

“So, he came to find me because his only son is dead and he wants me to help him inherit the family business”

Ling Xiaoqi had thought of several possibilities, but she did not think of one.

“But, this doesnt make sense! Im a girl.

Although I dont think Im much worse than a boy, his nephews and even the higher-ups in his company obviously dont think that way.

Even if I really go back with him, given the current situation, its useless.

I might as well… let his wife or other women give him another son.”

“Its because he had no choice.”

“No choice”

Su Yayan turned to look at Huo Chenhuan with a faint smile.

“His only heir is dead.

The elders in the family who supported him realized that the situation wasnt right, so they quickly sided with someone else.

Not to mention that hes already in his fifties, and his wife is also a few years older than him.

Its not easy for them to have another child.

Itll take at least ten years for this child to grow up.

Qin Fangde cant wait that long.”

Ling Xiaoqi frowned.

She had to admit that Su Yayan was right.

“On the other hand, even if he wants to have another child, he cant.”

“Cant” Ling Xiaoqi was stunned.

“You mean…”

“It is exactly what you think.”

Qin Fangdes first wife was the eldest daughter of the Di Family.

The Di Family used to be a prestigious family in City F.

They were even more prominent than the Qin Family.

However, Miss Dis position in the Di Family was a little awkward.

She was the eldest daughter of the Di Familys head.

However, her mother had passed away early, so her father had found her a stepmother.

This stepmother later gave birth to a son and a daughter.

With a younger brother and sister, she, as the daughter of the original wife, was naturally not well-liked.

It was worth mentioning that Miss Di had set her eyes on Qin Jinghong at that time.

She had even dated him before.

After that, the Qin brothers locked horns with each other, resulting in two dead and one crippled.

She immediately abandoned Qin Jinghong and threw herself into Qin Fangdes arms.

Qin Fangdes position back then was not very stable.

The marriage alliance was imperative.

Although Miss Dis status in the Di Family was a little awkward, such a person was easier to control.

At that time, Qin Fangde had also thought very highly of himself.

Marrying such a woman who could help him to eat and drink well at home was enough to maintain a harmonious relationship between husband and wife.

Wasnt it up to him how he wanted to play outside

However, he did not expect Miss Di to be so ruthless.

She had long known about Ling Xiaoqis mothers existence, and she had also seen through Qin Fangdes character.


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