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She had been engaged to Huo Shaofeng before.

Even though he didnt say it out loud, he had been thinking about it all along.

Back then, this person had such an inferiority complex that he did not even dare to say that he liked her.

In the end, she had taken the initiative to take him down first.

Now, he was actually jealous and full of energy.

It was really…

Huo Chenhuan looked a little embarrassed when his thoughts were exposed.

He began to change the topic unwisely.

“What did you guys talk about”

“What did we talk about Didnt they tell you” By “they”, Su Yayan was referring to Uncle Zhang and the bodyguards at home.

These people would not only protect her, but also report to Huo Chenhuan every day about her situation at home.

Su Yayan knew that he was worried about her, so she did not reject him.

Huo Chenhuan was silent for a moment, then said in a low voice, “I want to hear you say it.”

“Actually, we didnt talk much, its just that…”

Su Yayan simply repeated what Huo Shaofeng had said and asked curiously, “Did Huo Qihan do something to piss Huo Shaofeng off He actually forced Huo Shaofeng to come to us to cooperate with us.”

Su Yayan had to admit that Huo Shaofengs sudden visit to them to talk about working with them had indeed scared her a little.

She could not tell what was wrong, but she felt that she had missed out on a few episodes of the family drama that she had been following in high spirits for a long time.

When she looked at it again, she was confused about a lot of things.

“Hes desperate.”

“Desperate” Su Yayan raised her eyebrows.

“What did he do”

“He chased Huo Shaofeng and his mother out and even hired a group of people to assassinate them.”

Su Yayan was shocked.

She had thought that it would be exciting enough to hear that Huo Shaofeng was going to work with them to kill Huo Qihan, but who would have thought…

“Is he crazy No matter what, Huo Shaofeng and his mother are his wife and son.

Even if they dont have feelings for each other, theres no need for that…” He was planning to kill them all.

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Huo Chenhuan was also a little confused about this matter.

Based on his understanding of Huo Qihan, he should not have been so ruthless.

If he really had that much courage, he would not have been stuck in the same spot all these years with the Huo family.

“Wait.” Su Yayan frowned.

“Could it be that what Huo Shaofeng said is true He really has evidence of Huo Qihans unspeakable crimes.”

“Thats the only explanation.”

Su Yayan subconsciously looked up at Huo Chenhuan and said carefully, “Actually, apart from what I just said, he said something else.”


“He said he knows the truth about your parents death.”

Huo Chenhuans face darkened as soon as Su Yayan said that.

Su Yayans heart trembled and she asked, “Didnt mom and dad die in an accident”

“No.” Huo Chenhuan answered Su Yayans question, “Someone tampered with their car.”

Su Yayan was shocked, “It had been tampered with Who did it”

Huo Chenhuan shook his head.

At that time, his parents had passed away one after another, and the whole family was in chaos.

He himself was in such a terrible state, so he did not have the energy to investigate whether the tragedy was an accident or a man-made one.

By the time he recovered slightly and realized that there was something fishy going on, all traces of it had been wiped away, and there was no evidence to prove it.


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