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Qin Fangde would never have thought that it was not that Ling Xiaoqi did not have friends who could protect her, but that she had gotten used to relying on herself over the years and rarely asked for help.

She had known Su Yayan for so long, and the only time she had asked her for help was when her mother needed to be hospitalized for an operation due to a sudden illness.

Unfortunately, even though she had borrowed money from Su Yayan, her mother eventually passed away not long after the operation.

Not long after that, Ling Xiaoqi quickly pulled herself together and worked hard to earn money.

She finally paid all the money she owed Su Yayan before she returned to the country.

Qin Fangde had yet to make a successful start.

He was in a state where he could explode at any time.

He was even thinking about how to forcefully bring her home.

However, these ideas of his were destined to be unable to be put into practice.

When Qin Fangde sent people to investigate Ling Xiaoqi and Ning Siyuan, a phone call from City C shattered all of his plans.

No one knew what was said on the other end of the phone.

All they knew was that Qin Fangde rushed back to City C that night, scrambling to deal with all kinds of attacks from his nephews.

Even if he could persevere, he would definitely suffer a great loss.

It was impossible for him to come and create trouble for Ling Xiaoqi anytime soon.

Su Yayan was very satisfied after she found out about this.

It was fine if Qin Fangde stayed in City C obediently, but if he dared to extend his hand to City A again, she would be the first to chop off his hands without even needing Huo Chenhuan.

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After chasing Qin Fangde back to City C, Su Yayan temporarily put down her worries and focused on preparing for Huo Chenhuans uncles welcoming banquet.

Huo Chenhuans uncles surname was Zheng.

His name was Zheng Qianyang.

He looked to be in his early fifties.

He was a very handsome and familiar-looking man.

Upon seeing him, Su Yayan understood why her mother always said that sons resembled their uncles.

Zheng Qianyang looked like a middle-aged version of Huo Chenhuan.

The two of them were at least sixty to seventy percent alike.

However, compared to Huo Chenhuan, this powerful figure who had businesses all over the world and had once entered a special department looked more experienced and dignified.

Just by standing there, his entire being was surrounded by a cold air that kept others a thousand miles away.

Huo Chenhuan had never been like this in front of her.

Therefore, the original 60-70 resemblance between the two of them was about 50% in Su Yayans eyes.

Su Yayan sized up Huo Chenhuan and Zheng Qianyang, but at the same time, Zheng Qianyang was also very curious about this niece-in-law of his.

“Yanyan, right Hello, Im Chenhuans uncle.

If you dont mind, you can call me uncle too.”

Su Yayan could tell that Zheng Qianyang was being cautious.

He had not recovered from the past, and he was always embarrassed and at a loss in front of Huo Chenhuan.

She smiled, “Hello, uncle.

Its been a long journey.

I specially prepared some food.

I dont know if its to your liking.

Its getting late, why dont we have a meal first We can talk later.”

Zheng Qianyang was stunned when he heard what Su Yayan said.

He recalled Huo Chenhuan sending him a message a few days ago, asking if he had any special preferences for food.

Zheng Qianyang was surprised and at a loss at that time.

He could not figure out what Huo Chenhuan meant by that.

Then he suddenly remembered that the person he had arranged to watch over Huo Chenhuan seemed to have mentioned that his niece-in-law often cooked and was very good at cooking.

He could guess who asked him to ask this question.


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