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However, Zheng Qianyang did not have many requirements when it came to food.

In addition, he was usually busy with work, so he usually drank nutrient shakes with his subordinates, so he replied Huo Chenhuan casually.

He thought that Huo Chenhuan was just asking casually, but from his nephews wifes tone, it seemed like she really made a welcoming banquet for him.

Uncle Zhang noticed the air of embarrassment between the nephew and uncle.

When he heard Su Yayans words, he smiled and said, “Young Madams cooking skills are not even comparable to the familys chefs.


Zheng, youre in for a treat today.”

Uncle Zhang was an old man who had served the Huo family for many years.

Naturally, he knew Zheng Qianyang.

When he heard his words, Zheng Qianyangs tensed expression finally relaxed a little.

He replied in a low voice, “I see.”

What Zheng Qianyang did not know was that when he casually replied to Su Yayan, his straight nephew had only said one sentence when he passed it on to Su Yayan: Anything, he is not picky about food.

Su Yayan was so angry that she laughed.

In a fit of anger, she sent Huo Chenhuan to sleep in the guest room for two days.

Huo Chenhuan, who had been alone in the room for two days and had not slept well, looked at the table full of dishes and Zheng Qianyang with a cold and deep gaze.

Zheng Qianyang, “”

Zheng Qianyang, who had been despised for no reason, would never have thought that his tragedy was due to a casual remark a few days ago.

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He thought that Huo Chenhuans attitude towards him was because he was still unable to let go of the things that had happened in the past.

He could not help but feel a little disappointed and sad in his heart.

Soon, Zheng Qianyang did not have the energy to think about those depressing past events anymore.

The most annoying thing in the world was the word “anything”.

Su Yayan hesitated for a few days and finally decided to bring out the omnipotent Mandarin Duck Hotpot when she thought until her head hurt.

Unlike Huo Chenhuan, this was the first time Zheng Qianyang had seen such a novel way of eating.

He pointed at the bottom of the two-colored soup and asked curiously, “This is…”

“This is called hotpot.

Its a type of food from Ancient Earth.

“One soup is red and the other is white.

The taste is different, so the taste of the cooked food is naturally different.

“Because I didnt know your taste in advance, and I didnt know your preferences and taboos about the ingredients, I prepared this.

I hope you dont mind.”

Of course, there was another main reason.

Huo Chenhuan didnt want Su Yayan to be so busy with her big belly.

The most suitable dish that she could prepare was hotpot.

It did not take much time and effort to prepare a large table of dishes.

Su Yayan had made hotpot once before.

At that time, there was no Mandarin Duck Hotpot, so she could only split the broth into two pots and cook them together.

Later, when she saw that Gu Shaoyang and the others liked to eat this, she mentioned that she could organize departmental gatherings from time to time for the staff to exchange feelings.

The best way to have a gathering was to eat hotpot.

It was convenient to satisfy the tastes of most people.

For conveniences sake, they could also set up a hotpot like this.

When the two flavors were combined into one pot, the sumptuous flavor could feed and satisfy the entire table.

When Gu Shaoyang and the others heard Su Yayans words, they were extremely excited.

When they went back, they got someone to make a few hotpot pots.

They were prepared to buy ready-made hotpot pots for future use.

Of course, they did not forget to send one of the pots over.

The customized Mandarin Duck Hotpot Pot on the table was sent over by Gu Shaoyang and the others.

Su Yayan demonstrated how to eat hotpot to Zheng Qianyang.

She also roughly mentioned that a few ingredients did not need to be cooked for too long.

When they were overcooked, they would not taste good.

After that, she let him do it himself.

Zheng Qianyang watched for a while and then joined in the hotpot party in high spirits.

He was able to cook all kinds of ingredients without a teacher.


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