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Take palace drama as an example.

If the audience were to watch one palace drama, they would be stunned, but if they watched two palace dramas, it would be memorable.

After the third, fourth, and fifth… even after hundreds of palace dramas, no matter how good or novel they were, they simply had to be used and recycled countless times, and the audience would grow tired of them.

Hai Yis action was nothing more than to let “Empress” go on air before “Prima Donna” and put East City at a disadvantage simply based on the timing.

However, they had obviously forgotten the old saying, “Haste makes waste.”.

Less than a month after the start of filming, news of the female lead and the second female lead falling out was already spreading.

Hai Yis love for Wen Jingping could be considered true.

They knew that Wen Jingping had a lot of dirt on her, and they had to wait until all the air was clear before revealing her identity as the female lead.

Unfortunately, the internet had memories.

Even if the previous reports about Wen Jingping had been deleted, it had only been a year at most.

There were still many people who knew about her past.

This was especially true when Wen Jingping brought her boyfriend to East City to pick a fight with Su Yayan.

The plot of a mistress bringing her man to turn the tables on his fiancée and getting slapped in the face by his fiancée.

At that time, the audience watched with great interest and satisfaction.

Initially, they thought that the mistress entertainment career would be ruined.

Who would have thought that in just a years time, she would come back to life Not only did she sign with a big company, but she would also become the main female lead of a big production company.

She would soar to the sky

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The public relations department in East City was not to be trifled with.

Wen Jingpings identity was originally an invisible bomb.

Now, this bomb had already been thrown out.

If they did not take this opportunity to detonate this bomb, how could they face up to being scammed for no reason last time

Thus, the grudge between Wen Jingping and East Citys boss was dragged out, and the matter of the scamming of “Empress” and “Prima Donna” was also dragged out.

It would have been fine if these two matters hadnt been linked together, but once they were put together, they did not need anyone to guide them.

Many people already had their minds open and imagined the grudges hidden in this small episode.

In view of Wen Jingpings previous experience of dragging her ex-beau to look for his ex-fiancée to cause trouble, and the fact that it was Hai Yi who had done a low on East City first, no matter how one looked at it, it looked like a b*tch who had achieved her goal and was acting pretentiously to find trouble with her original partner.

In an instant, the comments section under the public accounts of “Empress” and Hai Yi fell into chaos.

People from all walks of life were making a racket, instantly condemning the drama.

Everything that had happened to “Prima Donna” back then was now returned to the cast and crew of “Empress”, so it could be considered an eye for an eye.

Compared to the public relations department in East City taking this opportunity to redeem themselves, the people in Hai Yis public relations department were a little crazy.

Even though they had already prepared for a tough battle before the production team announced the female lead, they were still not ready for it.

But as a newcomer, Wen Jingping had basically trampled all the landmines that a newcomer could step on.

They were all employees of Hai Yi, and this woman was obviously someone the boss wanted to protect, so they could only pinch their noses and try their best to help with public relations.

However, not everyone dared to be angry at Wen Jingping.

Zhuo Wanshu was the most popular female artiste in Hai Yis new generation.

She had a sweet appearance and a straightforward personality.

When she debuted, she was immediately pursued by countless fans, and within a few years, she had grown into one of the most popular celebrities.

While other artists were afraid of sitting on the bench and not having the resources, she had a full schedule 24 hours a day.

It was almost a round-the-clock schedule, and she rarely had time to spare.


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