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Su Yayan might be able to guess the answers to these questions.

However, it would be safer to get someone to investigate the details.

Only by knowing yourself and your enemy can you win every battle.

This person had already walked up to her with her nose in the air.

There was no reason for her to be good-natured and not retaliate.

If the tiger did not show its might, she would really think that she was Hello Kitty!

Yu Ziyan clearly had the same thought.

Song Yunyuans appearance was too coincidental, and the timing of the photos being sent was also not right.

He did not believe that there were so many coincidences in this world.

Back then, when she saw that Huo Chenhuan did not inherit the company and that his legs were crippled, she ran faster than a rabbit.

Now, she wanted to come back to pick up ready-made goods when she saw that Huo Chenhuans legs were healed.

How could there be such a good thing

“Dont worry.

Leave this matter to me.

Im sure Ill investigate her ancestors for eighteen generations and make sure she cant do anything!”

“Okay.”Su Yayan nodded.

Then, she seemed to have thought of something and instructed, “Dont tell Chenhuan about this first.”


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“When Chenhuan comes back, Ill ask him myself.”

Yu Ziyan, “…” For some reason, he suddenly had a bad feeling.

Young Master, you can count on yourself!

“The same goes for the rest of you.” Su Yayan hung up the video call and turned to look at the bodyguards beside her who were eager to inform her.

“No one is allowed to tell anyone about what happened today.”

The bodyguards, “…” It was too difficult for us!

However, they already knew who was at the top of the food chain in this family.

In the end, they rationally chose to listen to Su Yayans words and hide this matter for the time being.

President Huo, who had no idea that he had been deserted by his family, was suddenly faced with a death sentence that night.

“Honey, do you remember getting me some fruit juice at Little Porridges full moon ceremony Did you meet anyone then”

Huo Chenhuan held Su Yayan in his arms and his body suddenly froze.

“Why are you asking this all of a sudden”

Su Yayan looked up at him.

“I suddenly thought of it and asked.

Cant you say”

Huo Chenhuans intuition was a little dangerous, so he quickly said, “No.”

“No You didnt meet anyone”

Huo Chenhuan grabbed Su Yayans restless hand.

He knew that Su Yayan was not a person who liked to ask questions for no reason.

She must have found out something by asking so he did not hide it.

“Theres nothing I cant tell you.

I did meet someone that day.”


“Someone whos not important to me.”

“A woman”

“… Yes.”

Su Yayan was not so easily fooled.

She continued to ask, “Since shes not important, why did you hide it from me on purpose Do you have a guilty conscience”

“Of course not.

Dont misunderstand.

I have nothing to do with her.

I didnt say anything at the beginning because I felt uncomfortable when I saw you with your distant cousin.”

“…” He was really jealous.

“Its hard to say with an outsider around.

Also, I was in a bad mood after seeing her, so I didnt want to bring it to you and make you feel bad too.”

“Didnt you just say it wasnt important How could she affect your mood What did she do Confess to you”

Huo Chenhuans heart skipped a beat.

He thought to himself that she really knew something.

Otherwise, why would she ask such a question

“No, she just said some ambiguous words.

I didnt want to waste time with her, so I left.

But she stopped me when I was about to come back.

I was still holding the juice I wanted to give you.

I was worried that she would overturn it, so I spent some time with her.”


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