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This matter was actually a small secret of the Su family.

After all, this was one of the few dark histories that Su Yuxuan had when he was young and ignorant.

“Dont look at my brother now.

Although hes very good at business, hes a clean slate when it comes to relationships.

When that woman dated him, she ate his food and used his money.

She even thought of various ways to get my brother to buy her those expensive things and make money off him.”

Although the Su family was considered a moderately wealthy family, they had always been strict with the children in the family.

Su Yayan was still fine.

As she was the youngest child of the two families and the only girl, it was inevitable that there would be elders who would help her with her allowance.

Su Yuxuan was different.

Cheng Xiuqin and her husband had always controlled his spending to a certain degree.

If he exceeded that, he would have to earn it himself.

This had never changed before he took over the company.

Fortunately, that woman saw that although Su Yuxuan was willing to spend money on her, his money was limited.

Hence, she only cheated him of his money and not his body.

Otherwise, the thought of having such a sister-in-law made her scalp tingle.

This was the first time Huo Chenhuan had heard of this.

After all, the only person he had been paying attention to all these years was Su Yayan.

In his eyes, Su Yuxuan and the others were just his close relatives who were worth loving.

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“What happened after that”

Su Yayan pouted and snorted.

“Later, that woman lied that something happened at home and needed some money urgently.

She took the last bit of money from my brother.

After that, she sold the luxury goods my brother bought for her and went overseas to study.”

Huo Chenhuans eyes flickered.

“Your brother was dumped”

“You could say that.

The woman did not mention breaking up with my brother and simply used the excuse that she had to go out with her family to visit relatives.

After that, she broke contact unilaterally and disappeared.”

If it werent for the fact that her brother had been unable to contact this woman and was worried that something had happened to her, he would not have found out that this woman had already started applying for overseas studies six months ago.

At that time, she had only been dating Su Yuxuan for three months.

For nearly a year, she had kept it to herself.

Even if Su Yuxuan vaguely felt that she was hiding something from him and took the initiative to ask, she had never thought of telling him the truth.

She even deliberately avoided talking about other things.

At this point, Su Yuxuan finally realized that what he thought was a beautiful love was just a lie.

In the eyes of his so-called girlfriend, he was a mobile ATM sucker!

When Huo Chenhuan heard this, his expression was extremely subtle.

He really could not imagine that his brother-in-law, who could even make Zuo Yanbai fearful, had such a stupid and tragic love history.

Love really lowered peoples intelligence.

“My brother hasnt had a girlfriend since.

And hes been so cold to his suitors that Ive already married and hes still single.”

It was easy to imagine the psychological trauma of having such a relationship before.

It was no wonder that he did not have a history of relationships behind him.

Although this matter had successfully allowed his brother, a glutinous rice ball, to evolve into a super-strong version of a sesame glutinous rice ball, he had also activated the automatic evaluation function.

From then on, he focused on his career and helped his father share a lot of work, allowing his father to enjoy an early retirement.


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