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When Huo Chenhuan heard her words, a hint of hurt flashed across his face.

He nodded like a little wife and did not forget to remind her before he left, “Dont be angry.

Ill leave now.

Remember to eat the food.

Its good for your body.”

Not to mention Su Yayan, even an outsider like Ling Xiaoqi could not help but feel pity for him.

“You had a fight with your husband Why does it feel like your man is trying to please you”

Su Yayan seemed to have woken up from a dream.

She cursed at him for being so scheming.

He actually deliberately pretended to be pitiful in front of Ling Xiaoqi and forced her to submit!

“I worked so hard to give birth to a big fat boy for him.

Shouldnt he please me Just asking him to serve food is asking for mercy I used to cook for him every day!”

“So… youre acting like a spoiled child now” Ling Xiaoqis face was filled with a complicated expression.

She stared at Su Yayan as if she was saying, “I did not expect you to be such a person!”

Su Yayan, who was immediately blamed, was speechless.

Trash dog man, you framed me!

“Its not that I want to say this, but you have to stop being coquettish and unreasonable.

The data shows that the reason why many married men cheat not long after their wives are pregnant or give birth is partly because their wives cant satisfy their physiological needs when theyre pregnant.

On the other hand, its because their wives are in a bad mood when theyre pregnant.

In laymans terms, theyre more pretentious.

Some men are unhappy at home, so its especially easy for other little white lotuses to take advantage of their unhappiness and hook up with them.”

Su Yayan was speechless.

According to you, am I acting like a spoiled brat now Or am I making a scene

“Of course, Im not saying that this is not good.

Whats wrong with a wife whos been pregnant for ten months Those who cheat during pregnancy are all scum! Im just reminding you not to torture others too much.

Look, your man doesnt even mind that youre old and haggard after giving birth.

He doesnt go to his big company and serves you at home every day like hes serving his ancestors.

Youre still so noisy.

I cant stand it anymore.”

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“… How much did he give you to change sides so quickly” She had changed.

She was no longer the little angel who thought of Su Yayan first!

“Whats he going to give me Im being reasonable here.

And technically speaking, its for your own good.

If you really piss him off, youll still have to come crying to me.”

Su Yayan sobbed.

“How dare you set up such a vicious flag for me I suspect that youre an undercover agent that my family found to curse me! And whos old and haggard Do you mean that Im ugly now”

Ling Xiaoqi was stunned.

She looked Su Yayan up and down and said sincerely and tactfully, “No, youre emitting a maternal glow all over your body.

Its especially bright.”

Su Yayan was speechless.

What maternal glow!

Su Yayan was full of ambition and was stunned by Ling Xiaoqis words.

When Huo Chenhuan came downstairs, Ling Xiaoqi had already left.

Roly Poly was walking around in its little apron, busy making milk for the baby.


This carer robot had only been in charge of cleaning and trimming the garden ever since it entered this house.

It was really an overkill of its abilities.

Now that there was a baby at home, its series of functions could finally be put to use.

Over the past few days, it had been busy going in and out.

It had been so busy that it no longer had to worry about its skills getting rusty from being too idle.


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