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“A bunch of old b*stards who usually only know how to hang around in the various associations and wait for death! Usually, when theyre busy, they dont even see a fart.

But now, they hurriedly jump out, as if someone has dug up their ancestral grave!”

Ye Qiliang was trembling with anger.

He had waited too long for this day.

It was not easy for him to see some hope, but these guys ruined it.

Ye Qiliang wanted to swallow them alive now.

Ye Qiliang was not the only one who was angry, even though his original motive for attending University A was not that simple.

Most people were just curious about what the Chinese medicine that Ye Qiliang had admired for most of his life was like.

However, after nearly a year of online learning, many people were already attracted to this subject and really liked it.

To these people, the Medicine Associations current move was no different from plucking a tigers fur!

“Isnt it Look at the sarcasm.

Why did not I realize these people had such cheap mouths before”

“We havent interacted much before.

On the surface, he looks like a decent person.

I did not expect his character to be so low.

He can still lie through his teeth when its obvious.”

“Have you just realized These guys are not good people to begin with.

You remember the pharmaceutical exchange five years ago, right At that time, I saw with my own eyes how these people deliberately bullied the young people at the meeting.

Not to mention that they took advantage of their seniority, one or two of them even… Ahem, ahem, they harassed the young girls in the hotel at that time.”

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“There is such a thing!” The dozen or so people present were shocked.

“Why did not you tell us”

The old man touched his nose guiltily after being shouted at by everyone.

Then, he snorted coldly and said angrily, “Do you think youll believe me just because I said so At that time, I only discovered it by chance.

I did not have any recording equipment on me.

Who would believe me with just my mouth”

The old man who spoke had a fiery temper and was a loner.

He was not very close to the others.

Even though he knew that he did not have any bad intentions, he still could not get close to him.

Other than the necessary research hours, they rarely met.

With such a friendship, he really could not expect the other party to report everything to him.

Moreover, as he had said, even if he said it, would they really believe him

His accuser immediately shut his mouth, feeling inexplicably guilty.

After a while, someone spoke again and discussed these people who seemed to have just met for the first time.

“Although weve only met a few times, I really dont like these people.

I just did not expect them to be so unscrupulous in private.”

After all, they were all old foxes who had lived most of their lives.

Their judgment of people was still very accurate.

It was just that if they did not understand someone, they would be conservative about their character no matter what.

However, they forgot that human nature was far more complicated than they thought!

“This is too much.

As a senior, not only did they not help the talented juniors, but they even suppressed them.

Do they really think that the academic world is their one word”

“And hes harassing girls!” A sixty-year-old female professor was red-faced with anger.

“How can such refined scum be from the same place as us The pharmaceutical world has such a bad reputation because of people like them out there.

How did such immoral people end up like this Hasnt anyone fixed them up”

“Thats how they got to where they are today by trying to curry favor.

Didnt you see what they sent”


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