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Things were indeed going according to their expectations.

The higher-ups were also proud of their brilliant move.

However, their joy did not last long before they received news from their subordinates.

More than ten old professors who were originally under the Medicine Association sent a resignation letter collectively.

From today onwards, they would no longer rely on their association.

This matter was like a bolt of lightning that struck the association, affecting everyone inside.

Associations like theirs were actually similar to some companies with special jobs.

Every year, they would apply for a sum of money to be used for experimental research and internal operations.

They were using this money to do research and experiments on new drugs to make money.

However, the prerequisite for applying for this sum of money was that there had to be at least 20 relevant professors in the association to meet the minimum requirements.

This was also the main reason why Ye Qiliang and the others only had a name in the Medicine Association, but no one dared to show them any attitude.

Now a dozen of the twenty old professors had suddenly run away.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

That was more than a dozen people, not just a few.

No matter what industry they were in, as long as they could call someone a senior, it was a rare resource.

So many of them had run away at once.

Where could they find people to fill this big gap

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After the president of the Medicine Association recovered from his shock, he rushed to the Human Resources Department and asked for the phone numbers of a few old professors.

In the end, they either could not get through or hung up as soon as they heard him introduce himself.

A few hot-tempered ones even retorted, “Isnt it clear what your Medicine Association has done”

The president was confused.

What did they do

Before he could think about it, the call was hung up again.

The president of the Medicine Association had never been so angry since he took over the position.

His expression immediately turned ugly.

Just as he was wondering if he should continue calling or designate a countermeasure early and find someone to fill the big hole, he first found out why these people suddenly resigned.

As soon as these people sent the resignation letter to the Medicine Association, they forwarded the post from the research institute to express their anticipation and support.

Old seniors their age rarely surfed the Internet.

Even if they occasionally came up to post something, it was basically academic information that was like a book to ordinary people.

Therefore, when they first reposted it, not many people noticed it.

The only one who stood out was Ye Qiliang.

This was because he had previously stepped forward to speak up for Su Yayan, so the audience had paid attention to him.

Although the other old professors did not have as many fans as those celebrities did, there were many students under their public accounts.

These people had been teaching for most of their lives.

Although they did not dare to say that they had students all over the world, there were still many outstanding students.

When they saw that there was a new situation with their lecturers, many people followed him immediately.

After figuring out the ins and outs of the matter, those who were rich paid for the promotion, and those who pulled people over to help promote it.

This pushed them all into the public eye.

At this moment, the heated discussion about the research institute and the Medicine Association on the Internet had yet to cool down.

Unexpectedly, a bunch of names that they had never heard of suddenly ran up.

The onlookers were all confused and at a loss.

[If you dont understand, just ask.

Whats with these people They dont seem to be using old accounts.

Could they be low-key big shots (Metro Grandpa looks at his phone.jpg)]


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