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Su Yayan did not pay much attention to the subsequent commotion online.

It was just like the post she had posted.

Take it or leave it.

She brought out those Chinese herbs in hope that they could also help some people in need when she sought refuge.

After handing the things over to the research institute, the old man even gave her a small research factory to make the Chinese medicine masters she sent out famous.

The Chinese herbs that the research institute announced to be produced were planted by this factory in collaboration with the technicians of the research institute.

Most of the people in this factory were Old Master Chengs old subordinates and were trustworthy.

After Su Yayan took over this factory, she did not spend much time managing it.

She only asked the people inside to cooperate with the technicians of the research institute to plant things well.

Quality was the priority, and she did not expect to earn money from this.

Opportunities had to be grasped on their own.

Just as you could never wake someone who was pretending to be asleep, you could never save someone who was bent on dying.

To Su Yayan, those who were clamoring not to buy the medicinal herbs really did not affect her.

There were so many people in the world, and there were always people who knew their stuff.

She would not lose anything.

On the contrary, those who could have used these medicines to treat illnesses would miss the opportunity to relieve their illnesses just because others said so.

In that case, who was at a disadvantage

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Su Yayan was not a saint, nor did she have the habit of raising a white-eyed wolf.

Those who believed in her would naturally believe her, and those who did not would not force her.

She did not owe them anything.

She had no intention of getting involved with these people, but Huo Chenhuan did not have such a good temper.

After Ye Qiliang and the others jumped out to support the research institute and Su Yayan, the Medicine Association did not say anything else and tried to play dead to the end.

During this period, it was not that they did not hire fake reviewers to step in and make this matter a personal grudge within the Medicine Association.

Unfortunately, as soon as these fake reviewers sent out the message, they were strangled to death by a large number of netizens who suffered a backlash.

They did not even make a splash.

Seeing this, the upper echelons of the Medicine Association did not dare to act rashly, especially the few people who had spoken first.

These people were used to everything going smoothly.

They never expected that they would be slapped in the face by a senior when they were just suppressing an internet celebrity.

While they felt some resentment, they were also inexplicably terrified, afraid that they would be caught for this.

Because of this, no one dared to do anything even if they were indignant.

They were as quiet as chickens and hoped that this matter would be over as soon as possible.

However, they had still underestimated someones “small-mindedness”.

Just when everyone thought that this matter was almost over, a well-known Internet celebrity suddenly jumped out to expose the matter and report the old fellows who had jumped out to defame Su Yayan in the first place.

In his words, he had been a happy onlooker recently.

Out of curiosity, he had checked the origins of this demon that had started the rhythm at the beginning.

He did not expect to uncover a juicy piece of news.

He felt that he could not be the only one who was disgusted, so he released this piece of melons.

Being evil alone was not as good as being evil together!

This extremely annoying statement unexpectedly attracted a large number of onlookers.

In the end, many people were really disgusted by this.

[F*ck, what the hell Plagiarizing results, suppressing newcomers, harassing waitresses, embezzling public funds to eat kickbacks What kind of demons are these They really disgust me!]

[Hehe, previously, there were people who said that they were very powerful and were the industrys authority.

They used these peoples sarcastic words to slander our host.

Does your face hurt now This is the old senior you admire.

I think hes more like an old b*stard.]


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