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[Congratulations, Host.

You have gained Likability 21.

Current level: Level one.

You are 79 Likability points away from leveling up.

Please continue to work hard.]


The sudden notification prompt in Su Yayans brain stunned her.

Although she had known that Huo Chenhuan liked her, she would still be happy for the person she liked to love her a little more every time.

‘Does 21 signify that he loves me (TN: 21 is a homophone for love you and the total number of strokes for the words deep love and true love.)


‘Is he secretly confessing to me

When Su Yayan realized this, the frustrated look on her face instantly faded away.

It was replaced by an incomparably radiant and enchanting smile with a little look of triumph.

Her pure joy depressed the Su family.

At that moment, they did not know whether to be happy that Su Yayan got what she wanted or angry that their baby daughter (sister) had somehow gotten engaged to another man they did not even know.

Huo Qihan looked as if he had not expected Huo Chenhuan to agree.

His facial expression slightly changed and he subconsciously wanted to stop them.

“Chenhuan, this…”

Before he could finish what he wanted to say, Huo Chenhuan had looked over with his cold eyes.

“Big Brother, do you have any objections to this”

A slight chill ran down Huo Qihans spine and his face became somewhat unsightly as he admitted his defeat.


“Dad, mom…” After solving the problem on Huo Chenhuans side, Su Yayan hugged Cheng Xiuqins arm and begged her softly.

Cheng Xiuqin was extremely furious deep down because, from the looks of it, it seemed that her daughter was sacrificing her happy future and marriage just to embarrass the Huo family.

‘Even though Huo Shaofeng is a foul man, it doesnt even matter what his youngest uncles character is like… I mean, look at his legs…


She thought that her daughter had already picked a bad one before, so why choose to marry a man who could not walk

Su Yayan could tell what Cheng Xiuqin was thinking about and called out to her pitifully again, “Mom…”

Cheng Xiuqins face was cold and she said uncomfortably, “This is a lifelong commitment, so are you serious about this Will you regret it”


“Absolutely not!” Su Yayan said as she leaned closer to Cheng Xiuqins ear so that only she could hear her.

She begged softly, “Mom, just say yes.

I know what Im doing.”

“You wont hear the end of it when we get back.” Cheng Xiuqin had no other choice.

She looked up and glared fiercely at Su Yayan, then turned her head to look at Huo Qihan and his wife.

“Since your son has already found his true love, we wont be unreasonable people.

After all, nothing good will come out of something forced.

So lets go our separate ways and marry whoever we want.”

Although Cheng Xiuqins words sound like she was backing down, it was in fact also a reminder to the Huo parents that it was their son who first wronged the Sus daughter.

‘Now that my daughter has taken the higher ground and is not arguing with you guys, you should know your place if you still have your dignity.

Even if you dont wish them well, I had better not hear anything else from you guys.

Huo Shaofeng, however, did not feel the same.

After he heard those words, he immediately and deliberately said with sarcasm, “Getting engaged and then getting entangled with the fiances uncle This will be a very embarrassing story when it gets out.”

Su Yayan sneered.

“Really I dont think anything will be more humiliating than what happened last night.”

“Why you—!” Huo Shaofeng turned livid and was about to say something else when Mrs.

Huo pulled him back.


Huo Shaofeng was clearly displeased and he looked in the direction that Mrs.

Huo was hinting at.

Even though he was pissed, he did not dare to say another word.

Huo Chenhuan had already come down from upstairs at some point and behind him was one of his trusted followers.

“Hello, Uncle Su and Auntie Su.”

When Huo Chenhuan addressed them, it made Cheng Xiuqin and Mr.

Su feel a little awkward, and Huo Qihans family were equally horrified.



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