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Du Jingshan could not help but touch his head again.

This seemed to have become his habit when he was nervous.

“I admit I do have some luck, but people say how much good luck a person can have in a lifetime is fixed.

Who knows how long my good luck will last”

At this point, Du Jingshan could not help but turn to look at Su Yueting.

“In the past, I ate my fill alone and my entire family wasnt hungry.

Now that Im starting a small family with Tingting, it wont do to rely on these illusory things.

Working hard to make money is the safest.

I wont let Tingting and our future children suffer.”

After hearing this, Mr.

Su silently crossed out his initial impression of this person and added, “Hes honest, but hes not a fool.

He knows how to prioritize his family and dote on his wife and children.

Not bad.”

Seeing that her husbands expression had softened, Cheng Xiuqin knew that he was no longer as resistant to her future brother-in-law as before.

Her lips curled up slightly as she asked curiously, “You said that he pursued you for seven years.

When did the two of you officially get together”

The person who answered this question was not Du Jingshan, but Su Yueting.

“Actually, it hasnt been that long.

Just this past year.”

To be precise, after attending Su Yayans wedding with Huo Chenhuan, Su Yueting found out that her favorite niece was going to marry a disabled person in a wheelchair.

Like most people, she felt that Su Yayan was just being spiteful.

However, when she personally arrived at the wedding and saw the two of them interacting, all her imagination was overturned.

No matter how much they tried to hide it, they could not deceive everyone.

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However, it was precisely because she could tell that the two of them were truly in love that Su Yueting was even more puzzled.

Why would her niece, who had been pampered by her family since she was young, fall in love with a man who could not even walk

This doubt rose to the top after another encounter with Du Jingshan.

“What do you like about me”

Du Jingshan was stunned.

He did not expect Su Yueting to suddenly ask him this.

He smiled embarrassedly and said, “I cant say it either.

The moment I looked at you, a voice in my heart told me that this is the person I want to be with for the rest of my life.”

“Is that all”

“Of course its more than that.

That first look only made me like you.

But the more I got to know you, the more I was sure you were the other half I wanted.”

“Im hot-tempered, not particularly pretty, and I cant do housework.

I have a lot of shortcomings…”

“You can snap at me if youre upset.

In my eyes, youre the best-looking person.

You dont have to do the housework.

Ill do it.

If you think Im not doing a good job, you can hire a housekeeper.

Ill learn from her.”

Du Jingshan pursed his lips after saying that, as if he was a little annoyed at his clumsy tongue.

He wanted to praise her, but he could not.

“Anyway, no matter how nice other people are, I dont like them.

No matter how many flaws you have, youre exactly what I like.”

It was this sentence that made Su Yuetings heart tremble.

This was the first time she realized that it was not a bad thing for such a person to like her so much.

As long as that layer of window paper was broken, feelings would naturally come naturally.

Su Yueting had removed the barrier between her and Du Jingshan, and their relationship gradually changed.

This change was so subtle that Su Yueting did not notice it at first until Du Jingshan did not appear in front of her for two days…


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