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This was something the two of them had never done since they met!

Usually, Du Jingshan would follow her from afar even when she was traveling.

He was like a guardian angel, carefully protecting his goddess, but he did not dare to approach her because he was afraid of offending her.

He always made sure she saw him every time she turned around without disturbing her.

Su Yueting had once felt annoyed and impatient about this, but now, she felt lost.

She was even disappointed to think that he was tired and unwilling to go on.

Or perhaps there was someone new he liked.

It was only at that moment that she realized in a daze that she had somehow become used to having someone following her and seeing him every time she turned around.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Su Yueting was a little depressed when she realized that she had just fallen in love.

Early the next morning, she was planning to head to the next tourist destination and use her travels to forget this muddled romance that had ended before it had even begun, when she saw someone standing in front of the hotel with a cast on one hand and a large bouquet of flowers in the other.

“Happy birthday, Yueting.”

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Afterward, she learned that in order to surprise her for her birthday, he had specially rented a place nearby and personally decorated it.

As a result, he accidentally fell off the ladder and broke his hand.

That was why he had not been around yesterday.

The hesitation in Su Yuetings heart completely dissipated at this moment.

She took the bouquet from Du Jingshan and her eyes turned red.

Seeing this, the blockhead was extremely anxious.

He circled around Su Yueting for a long time, trying to comfort her.

However, because his mouth was too clumsy, he only managed to say a few words.

Instead, his face turned red.

Seeing this, Su Yueting could not help but take a step forward and hug Du Jingshans neck.

She whispered, “You silly man.”

Du Jingshan froze.

Before he could rejoice that he had been hugged by the goddess, he heard the word “silly.” The light in his eyes dimmed.

However, he next heard the second half of Su Yuetings sentence.

“Lets be together.”

Du Jingshan was stunned.


“I said lets be together.”

“You… say that again.”

“Lets be together.”

“You…” Du Jingshan let go of Su Yueting.

His lips trembled slightly, and his eyes were filled with anticipation and fear that this was just a dream.

Seeing him like this, Su Yueting smiled through her tears and pretended to be angry.

“If you dont want to be with me, pretend I did not say anything.”

“No, no, no!” Du Jingshan snapped out of his daze.

“Im just so happy, so happy.

Can I… can I hug you”

Su Yueting was almost amused by him.

He actually had to ask her in advance.

“Of course.”

Du Jingshans eyes lit up.

He picked Su Yueting up on the spot… Ahem, and spun her around like a child.

Su Yueting recalled the scene and her eyes softened.


Su saw the change in his sisters expression and knew that there was no turning back.

He only sighed and said seriously, “Have you thought it through”

“Ive thought it through.” Su Yueting held Du Jingshans hand tightly and smiled at him.

“I want to marry him.”

This man who had loved her for so many years without any status or acknowledgment was probably the only one she could meet in her life.

She wanted to keep him by her side and not let anyone else have him!


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