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Su Yayan, who was busy sighing at the sophistication of capitalists, had clearly forgotten that the original inducement for this honey trap came from her casual suggestion.

“By the way, speaking of the Huo Corporation, what happened to Huo Shaofeng”

The smile on Huo Chenhuans face immediately faded when Su Yayan asked about Huo Shaofeng.

Su Yayan saw the change in his expression and frowned.

“He still wont tell us Hes not pulling our feet on purpose, is he”

“He said he would not be willing to produce evidence until Wen Jingpings reputation is ruined.”

“Wait until Wen Jingpings reputation is ruined” Su Yayans intuition told her that this was a huge trap.

The male and female leads protagonist halos were linked together.

If he wanted Wen Jingpings reputation to be ruined, wouldnt she have to deal with Dou Tianyi first

The thought of Dou Tianyi made her head hurt.

Wen Jingping was easy to deal with.

If not for the fact that she was afraid that if she killed her, it would cause the world to collapse, Su Yayan would have long made her unable to turn the tables.

However, this Dou Tianyi…

“Its okay.

I did not expect much from him since the beginning.”

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“Do you know why Uncle suddenly returned to the country”

Su Yayan looked puzzled.

She did not understand why this matter was related to his uncle again.

“Wasnt he back to see the two of us and the baby”

“Thats just one of the reasons.”

“There are other reasons”

“He found some clues about my parents accident back then and traced it back to the country.”

Su Yayans expression changed slightly.

“Are you saying that the group of people who killed your parents back then might still be lurking somewhere in the country”

Huo Chenhuan looked at his wifes pale face and knew what she was worried about.

He tightened his grip on her and comforted her.

“Its only a possibility.

Besides, its been so many years.

They might not still be alive.”

In Huo Chenhuans opinion, bad people would never put down the butchers knife.

They might have already died at the hands of others before they knew it.

Of course, these words were just to comfort Su Yayan and reassure her for the time being.

Compared to believing that they were all dead, Huo Chenhuan was more willing to believe that they were still alive.

Moreover, sooner or later, they would fall into his and his uncles hands.

“Uncle is already investigating.

I believe there will be results soon.” Huo Chenhuan quickly changed the topic.

“Your brother just came to look for you.

Whats the matter”

Su Yayan wanted to ask more, but she knew that Huo Chenhuan did not want her to continue asking.

She bit her lip and chose to compromise.

“Its not anything important.

Its just that the research institute said that Professor Ye and the others want to buy a batch of finished Chinese medicine ingredients as teaching materials.

The research institute is worried that opening a fast lane for them on their own will make me unhappy, so they asked my brother to ask me.”

The dean of the research institute was also in a difficult position.

On one hand, it was his mentor, and on the other hand, it was a retired senior with some prestige in the institute.

On the other hand, if he did not handle it well, it would turn into a bloodbath.

The best solution was to ask for Su Yayans permission first and not offend either.

Huo Chenhuan more or less guessed what was going on and said with a faint smile, “Whats your answer”

“I agreed.

Ill take it as expressing my gratitude for their righteous words earlier.”

As soon as Su Yayan relented, Ye Qiliang received the news.

Putting aside how they were cheering, Su Yayan said that it was time to return to the East City to take a look.

Before she could return to the company, Su Hanyan understood what Dou Tianyi meant when he said that she would get to know him soon!


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