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Su Yayan pondered for a moment and continued to ask, “Can the things I have now cure him”


“Then how did he—”

The system fell silent again.

Su Yan waited for an answer, but none came.


[Dou Tianyi is the male lead of the world.

He has the same luck as the female lead of the world.

Moreover, because he hasnt been robbed of a large number of golden fingers like the female lead of the world, his luck is also stronger.]

The system paused for a moment, as if deciding how best to explain itself.

Su Yayan noticed this and narrowed her eyes.

She could actually feel that the system could not explain everything to her.

Most of the time, the system could only tell her things by hints.

It was like being limited by something.

[The host can snatch the golden finger of the male and female leads to change their fate, and vice versa.]

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Su Yayans eyes narrowed.

After understanding what the system meant, she could not help but curse on the spot.

She knew it was not that simple.

So this was what they were waiting for!

Su Yayan had previously discovered that a large part of the so-called snatching the golden finger was to rescue the supporting actors and actresses who had their blood sucked by the male and female leads in advance and used them as stepping stones to reduce the public influence of the male and female leads on this world.

These male and female supporting roles could have had a beautiful family and a promising future.

However, because they were targeted by them, not only did they become used paper figurines, but they were also trampled under their feet and their families were destroyed.

Now that she heard what the system said, she realized that it was different from ordinary people.

They were clearly stealing other peoples luck and stacking it on themselves to bring endless benefits to themselves.

They did not forget to kill those who were no longer useful to them, lest these people revive and snatch their luck back from them.

Su Yayan took a deep breath, her expression extremely ugly.

“This should be considered a world bug.

Its clearly a terminal illness, and theres a hope of recovery just because hes the male lead.


[Dont forget that the world youre in is a book.]

Some epic dramas could not guarantee perfection, let alone the fact that the foundation of this world came from a melodramatic romance novel.

It would be strange if there were no bugs.

[Moreover, the world will automatically fix bugs.

A large part of the male protagonists recovery will be attributed to luck and the low success rate of the surgery.

Or someone might suddenly have an idea and develop a special medicine for this disease, but the raw materials for this kind of special medicine are rare and cant be popularized at all, and so on.]

Su Yayans expression was subtle.

The reason given by the system was really… difficult to refute.

There was no shortage of miracles in the history of medicine.

There had been a number of earlier reports of people who had been diagnosed with terminal illnesses and who could live no more than a year or two.

They had lived five or ten years because of a good mentality.

Huo Chenhuans legs were originally diagnosed as impossible to recover, but after he stood up again, how many people would think that there were many metaphysical factors involved

They would only exclaim that he had been lucky enough to meet a good doctor and create a miracle.

Some might even suspect that his leg had never been as bad as the rumors made it out to be.

Everything had just been a smokescreen to confuse him.

People tend to subconsciously believe what they see and find good reasons for it.

The so-called bug could only be considered a bug in the eyes of an insider like her.

In the eyes of others, it was just a miracle that could not be explained with common words.


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