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“When you pushed the pram up, some people saw it and sent it to the company group chat.

Now, many people are eyeing your baby.”

“…” Why did it feel like she had just left the tigers den and entered the wolfs den again!

Su Yayan looked at the little guy who was drinking milk until his eyes were narrowed.

‘Son, youre really in demand.

Everywhere you go, people want to steal you!

However, Su Yayan also knew that the verbal kidnapping of these people in the company was different from the kidnapping incident yesterday.

They were only joking when they said that.

“Give them more work.

When theyre busy, they wont have time to think about my baby.”

Amused by her words, Xia Junsheng agreed.

“That makes sense.”

Su Yayan looked at him suspiciously and asked with a smile, “Bro Junsheng, youre not on the team that steals children, are you”


Im here to let you know that Prima Donna is due to wrap up at the end of the month, and a few of the artists in the company have fewer scenes.

Theyre almost all back from the filming.”

“So soon Youve arranged everything I asked you to, havent you”

“Its all arranged.” Xia Junsheng paused, considering.

“Also, theres something more important.

I thought it necessary to let you know in advance.”

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“What is it”

“Ning Qirui is in a relationship.”

Su Yayans body stiffened.

When she reacted, she cried out in shock, “What did you say”

“Ahhhhhh…” The baby who was drinking milk was shocked by her reaction.

He pouted and was about to cry.

Su Yayan was shocked.

She could not care less and hurriedly stuffed the pacifier back into his mouth.

She patted him gently and coaxed, “Be good, its Mommys fault.

Mommy shouldnt have spoken so loudly.

I scared you.

Its okay, its okay.”

This was the first time Xia Junsheng had seen Su Yayan coax a child.

He was suddenly a little dazed.

Almost two years ago, when they first met, Su Yayan was still considered a child who had just stepped into society.

Who would have thought that two years later, this girl would quickly marry someone else and even have a baby of her own

What hurt the most was that as her “brother”, he was still single!

Su Yayan did not notice the complicated emotions in Xia Junshengs heart.

After finally coaxing the baby, a layer of cold sweat had already formed on her forehead.

She breathed a sigh of relief before she remembered the topic they had been discussing.

“With whom” she asked.

“Its not You Yushi, is it”

It was no wonder that Su Yayans first reaction was to think of these two people.

They were really similar in age and family background.

Most importantly, they had just collaborated on “Prima Donna” not long ago.

After spending so much time in the same production team, they could develop feelings for each other over time.

The tricky part was that Ning Qirui and You Yushi were both from talent shows and belonged to the popularity category.

Logically speaking, they could not find a boyfriend or girlfriend before their transformation.

Otherwise, it was very likely to cause a fatal blow to their star journey.

This should also be the main reason why Xia Junsheng specially mentioned it to Su Yayan.

Some companies would strictly stipulate in their early contracts that artists could not date for a few years after joining the company.

It was to prevent the sudden exposure of the relationship from being too shocking.

All the early investments would go down the drain and they would lose everything.

However, the situation of these two people was rather special.

If they did not mix well in the circle, they would have to go back and inherit the family business.

The public relations department would probably be worried sick about this.

Xia Junsheng was silent for a moment, then shook his head.


“Its not”

“Its Miss Xia Ningxi, the screenwriter ofPrima Donna.”

Su Yayan was speechless.


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