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Su Yayan was dumbfounded.

When did the two of them hook up!

After the important supporting actor broke away from the control of the white lotus female protagonist, he met his match.

She actually did not know about it at all!

“Youre saying that Ning Qirui is dating Miss Xia Ningxi, the screenwriter ofPrima Donna When did this happen Who knows about this”

The baby in the pram seemed to be frightened by Su Yayans suddenly raised voice.

He pulled the pacifier out and pouted, looking like he was about to cry again.

Su Yayans aura suddenly decreased as she hurriedly coaxed, “Mommy was wrong, Mommy was wrong.

I wont scare you loudly anymore.

Dont cry, dont cry…”

After calming the baby down, Su Yayan looked up at Xia Junsheng again.

Xia Junsheng opened his mouth to explain, but there was another knock on the door.

“Who would come at this hour” Su Yayan frowned.

“Come in.”

When the office door opened, Su Yayan looked up and was amused.

“Oh, what a coincidence.

We were just talking about you.”

Speaking of the devil, the person who came in from outside was none other than Ning Qirui and You Yushi, who Su Yayan had just been talking about.

Behind them was Yun Luoshan.

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“Me” Ning Qirui, who was walking in front, looked around and pointed a finger at himself, looking confused.

“You were talking about me”

“I heard that a certain young master said that he wanted to stay in the entertainment industry and focus on work.

In the end, he only acted in one show and found a girlfriend.

He then only focused on dating and had no heart to work.”

When Ning Qirui heard her words, he roughly guessed what she was talking about.

He rubbed his nose guiltily and chuckled.

“This is fate.

I cant stop it.

You cant let me watch the person I like slip away and let me die a single dog just for my career, right”

Su Yayan almost laughed in anger at his words.

He sounded so dignified.

If she did not know better, she would have thought that he had fallen in love with Xia Ningxi at first sight and would not marry anyone other than her.

If he missed this chance, he would really be single for the rest of his life!

Heh, men.

They said sweet nothings and swore oaths.

Who knew what would happen in the future A lifetime was not a short time.

“Confess it all.

Tell me when you hooked up.”

Ning Qirui chuckled.

“Its too unpleasant to hear you use the termhook up.

Little Xi and I did not mean it at first sight.

But when we met again, we fell in love and decided to settle down for life.”

“Speak human language.”

“Its just that Ive spent a lot of time with the crew, and I think shes a nice person.

She is interested in me, too.

After a while, feelings start to develop…”

“Heh…” Su Yayan glanced at Ning Qirui in disdain.

Look, everyone who joined the production team was going to work, but this guy was using work as an excuse to pick up girls.

He was not doing his job!

As if he could see Su Yayans disdain, the corners of Ning Qiruis mouth twitched slightly.

He said aggrievedly, “Although its true that dating during working hours isnt very good, it doesnt affect my work.

My performance in the drama is still commendable.

Even Director Luo praised me for my talent in this aspect.

They can testify to this.”

You Yushi and Yun Luoshan had not expected to see this coming while they were watching the show.

Shocked, they quickly said, “This doesnt apply to me.

We dont know anything.”

Ning Qirui was speechless.

After all, they were colleagues who had been with the production team for several months.

How could they sell him off at such a time The snacks that he had asked the chef at home to send over to the production crew over the past few months were all in vain!


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