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“No, probably because youre younger and have a smaller generation gap with the baby.”

Because of a trivial matter, the two older people were at a loss for words.

The babies now were not afraid of strangers.

They did not cry or make a fuss when they were hugged by strangers.

Obedient children were always especially loved by others.

At first, You Yushi and the others were a little restrained, but later on, they started to tease the baby with the various small toys in the pram.

It was worth mentioning that when girls, especially pretty girls like Yun Luoshan, teased him, the little guy laughed especially hard.

Once it was Ning Qirui or Xia Junsheng, the baby would only stare at the two of them with his big black grape-like eyes with an innocent expression.

Ning Qirui did not believe it.

He made a face and rang the bell again.

He tried all the toys in the pram, but he did not get a smile from the baby.

Seeing this, You Yushi picked up a small rattle and turned it.

The tinkling sound instantly attracted the childs attention.

The baby stared at the drum for a long time before suddenly grinning widely.

“Oh, he smiled.

He smiled! It was so cute.

He did not even have teeth.

His gums were pink and tender.

They looked so soft.


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Ning Qirui was as depressed as You Yushi was happy.

He finally could not help but stand up and say angrily, “Damn, I suspect hes sexist!”

Su Yayan did not expect her son to know how to treat girls, especially beautiful girls, differently at such a young age.

When he grew up, he would probably be a playboy who would coax little girls everywhere.

It must be that his father was too indecent when she was pregnant and led the baby astray with his sweet words!

“Achoo!” Huo Chenhuan, who was busy confirming the whereabouts of Huo Qihan with Gu Shaoyang and the others, suddenly sneezed in front of his subordinates.

This sudden change made the originally serious atmosphere in the conference room instantly become subtle.

After a moment of silence, Zuo Yanbai asked with concern, “Did you catch a cold”

“No.” Huo Chenhuan rubbed his nose and smiled faintly.

“It should be Yanyan and the baby thinking of me.”

The three of them, “…” They were caught off guard by a mouthful of dog food.

Can single people have some human rights

“Have you found out where Huo Qihan is”

Yu Ziyan raised his eyebrows slightly and a malicious smile appeared on his face.

“Isnt it easy to find his whereabouts He has a moving time bomb with him.

As long as you want it to explode, you can make it explode anytime you want.”

Gu Shaoyang could not help but narrow his eyes when he heard this.

He said sarcastically, “He even brought her with him when he fled.

It seems like hes really in love.”

“Husband and wife are birds of the same forest.

When disaster strikes, they fly separately.

If even an old married couple is like this, let alone a dewy couple like them.

He treats her as his true love, but she probably wants to kill him at any moment.”

Zuo Yanbai turned to look at Huo Chenhuan.

“Young Master, should we inform the police now…”

Ever since the three of them knew that Huo Qihan had actually bribed the people in the old residence to steal their little crown prince, they rubbed their palms together.

They could not wait to rush up to Huo Qihan and press him to the ground repeatedly.

Huo Chenhuan pondered for a moment and chuckled.

“Send someone to keep an eye on them and inform the police of their whereabouts.

At the same time, inform Huo Qihan that the police already know his whereabouts.”


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