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Since Su Yayan said that she could post the photo online, You Yushi naturally would not let go of such a good opportunity to show off.

After briefly editing the photo, she blocked a big yellow sun on the babys chubby face and sent it out with the caption.

“The boss brought the little crown prince to the company for an inspection today.

The little crown prince is super cute and has a chubby face and dimples.

He smiles when I tease him.

He looks like a little angel~”

Not only did You Yushi send it herself, but she also wanted Yun Luoshan to accompany her.

Of course, Yun Luoshan would not refuse her plea.

She followed up with a similar post, but the picture in the group photo that covered the baby was replaced by an oversized sunflower.

After the two of them got used to showing off the other children, they forgot about this matter.

They did not expect that it would cause a public opinion storm.

Not long after Yun Luoshan sent this post, Ning Qirui also sent a similar post.

In the accompanying photo, a big pink heart was used to cover the babys big face.

Because of this heart, the anti-fans of Ning Qirui instantly had other thoughts when they saw his post.

Therefore, half an hour later, Ning Qirui and Yun Luoshans manager called them at the same time and asked them what was going on with the post on the Internet.

“What do you mean whats going on Just the literal meaning.

The boss brought the little prince to the office today.

I had nothing to do, so I went up and took a walk.

I teased the child and took photos.

I posted them for my fans to see.

What happened”

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“Nothing else”

“What other reason could there be”

“Go see for yourself.

People have been eyeing that photo of you and creating a scandal for you.”


Ning Qirui was extremely shocked.

He did not understand why there was a scandal when he had just posted a post.

In the end, Ning Qirui was stunned.

They were saying that he… was with Yun Luoshan

“You saw it”

“… Saw it How did I get involved with Yun Luoshan We might be in the same company, but Ive never spoken more than five sentences to her.

How can this cause a scandal!”

“Its all because of that picture on your social media.

Why did not you use other sticker designs Why did you have to use a heart Dont you understand what a heart means as an adult”

Ning Qirui was shocked.

He never expected that a small post-it would make the Internets imagination run wild.

How idle were these people!

“… I did not think too much about it.

I just thought that the bosss baby was really cute and I liked him a lot, so I stuck a heart pattern on him.

Who knew they would…”

When Ning Qiruis manager heard him say this, not only was he not comforted, but he became even angrier.

“Cant you use your brain before you do anything! You think that your love is for the little prince, but in the eyes of others, your love is confessing to the babys mother!”

“The babys mother Not Yun Luoshan Whats it got to do with the boss again”

“Youre photographing the bosss baby.

Youre posting the babys face.

How can it not be related to the boss Its a good thing your fans are helping you.

Theyre pulling the wind over to Yun Luoshans side.

Otherwise, the scandal between you and Yun Luoshan wouldnt be up there now.

Instead, it would be the shocking news that youre suspected of cheating on the bosss husband.”

Ning Qirui, “!!!” What the hell I did not do anything.

Dont talk nonsense! I am innocent!


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