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“There are plenty of coconuts available in the market.

Red dates and walnuts will be officially sold tomorrow.

Interested audience members can try making this at home.”

Su Yayan immediately started preparing the second soup.

“Next, well make pork belly stew with pepper.

The main ingredients used are pepper and pork belly.

The pepper will also be officially on sale tomorrow.

Interested audience members, remember to buy it yourself tomorrow.”

It could be said that it was a coincidence that she mentioned it once, but she had mentioned it twice in just two sentences.

It was obvious that she was advertising.

However, even though Su Yayan was advertising on the livestream, the audiences attitude was relatively tolerant.

However, there was more or less a hint of resentment.

[I confirmed the look.

The anchor is indeed advertising.]

[Boohoo, why are you advertising! If you dont advertise, I wont be able to make it to the pre-sales.

Now, God knows how long I would have to wait for my order to be ready.

Please, Little Yanyan, dont advertise!]

[Indeed! Where are those scumbags who agreed not to buy it Why are so many people still fighting with me for it This doesnt make sense!]

[They really dont want to buy it just because they say so The person above is too naïve.

You have to know that our host is the only host on the Internet with more than eight digits of viewers online in real-time.

Its already difficult to pull out a few people to snatch it, let alone the limited stock for the first episode.

Instead of begging no one to snatch it from you, its better to ask for additional stock.]

[Previous poster, there are already too many people, but the host actually advertised.

If you have the ability to advertise, then increase the sales! Sob sob sob…]

Please Keep reading 0n MYB0XN0VEL(.)C0M

Su Yayan did not expect that she would attract so many complaints just by helping to advertise.

She was helpless and amused.

However, the inventory was really not something she could solve.

She could only pretend not to see anything and focus on cooking.

“The porks belly itself has the effect of dispersing cold.

Coupled with the pepper that dissipates cold, it has a certain relief effect on children with weak spleen and stomach.

Their bodies are weak, and they often catch a cold and burp.

Recently, the weather has turned cold.

The babies must cover their stomachs when they sleep.

Otherwise, they will easily catch a cold and burp.

The children will suffer a lot.

“Theres another thing to note.

A childs stomach is tender.

A pigs stomach is very chewy if its not stewed.

Its not suitable for a childs stomach to digest.

Therefore, you have to stew it for a longer time and make it completely soft.

Only then will the soup be thick and easy for a child to absorb.”

It was actually very simple to make pork belly with pepper.

One just had to cut the pork belly into strips and put them in a pot with the pepper to simmer it completely for two hours.

“Lastly, Ill get a parasite repellent dish with steamed meat.

Ive never used it in the livestream broadcast room before.

Its a new medicine that can kill protozoa and nourish the spleen and stomach.

However, its fine to eat it a few times occasionally.

Its best not to eat too much.

After all, overly killing parasites can easily cause some physical adverse reactions and affect your health.”

As Su Yayan peeled off the outer shell and took out the meat inside, she took out a large piece of lean pork.

“The Research Institute should have already planted it.

They should be able to see it in the second or third batch.

Those who have babies or are preparing to get pregnant can pay attention to it.”

As soon as Su Yayan finished speaking, a seven-colored notification flew past the livestream and a familiar meteor shower started.

Everyone stared, not surprised to see a familiar ID.

[Congratulations to the host (Yanyan) for obtaining a luxuriously furnished mansion from the user (NotEvenForADay).

Among the boundless universe and the bright stars, my favorite is still you ~]


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