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Little Yangyang: Yes, yes, yes.

Young Madam, you dont have to worry that Young Master cant take care of him alone.

Although we are inexperienced and cant help much, there are still many girls and mothers in the company! We can definitely serve the little crown prince well and make him feel at home!

Diligent Zuo: Young Madam, are you worried about the regular meeting If so, you dont have to worry.

It doesnt matter if Im not present at this regular meeting.

I can stay and take care of the baby.

Actively Hopping Yu: Youre cheating again! Young Madam, I can also stay behind to take care of the baby.

Little Yangyang: 1

“…” Why does it feel like all of you cant wait to lay your hands on my baby

Previously, Su Yayan was still worried that Huo Chenhuan would be busy with work and neglect her baby.

Now, she was inexplicably afraid that her baby would fall into a fire pit and be surrounded by a group of strange uncles!

Normal Young Madam: Er… Ive been thinking about a serious place like the company.

It doesnt seem right for the boss to bring his baby to work.

It might give you a bad head start…

Before Su Yayan could finish her sentence, she was already bombarded by the three of them.

Actively Hopping Yu: No, no, no.

Madam, youve misunderstood.

Our company is very democratic and humane.

As long as we complete the work given by the company within the stipulated time, we basically wont care about our personal matters.

Its not rare for Young Master to bring his child to work.

Earlier, there was an employee in the company whose family members were all out.

No one cared about the child, and he could not leave the company for work, so he brought the child to the company to take care of him.

Little Yangyang: Yes, I can testify to that!

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Diligent Zuo: Yes, thats true.

After that, the few of them began to try their best to spread all kinds of “enlightened” stories in the company, trying to dispel Su Yayans idea of not letting Huo Chenhuan bring her child to work.

Su Yayan looked at the explanation flying all over the screen and could not interrupt even if she wanted to.

The corners of her mouth twitched slightly.

In the end, she could only give up struggling helplessly.

Out of sight, out of mind.

At that moment, a sudden voice behind her made her jump.

“What are you looking at”

“Nothing.” Su Yayan guiltily changed the screen and changed the subject.

“Im just thinking that theres no news from the police yet, and I dont know when well be able to catch Huo Qihan.”

“Soon.” Huo Chenhuan walked to the bed and sat down.

He hugged Su Yayan gently and said, “In a few days.”

“Huh” Su Yayan glanced at Huo Chenhuan in confusion.

Her intuition told her that he might know something.

Seeing that he was silent for a long time, she asked another person.

“The woman.

What did the police say”

Hearing Su Yayan mention that woman, a trace of coldness quickly flashed across Huo Chenhuans eyes.

He sneered and said, “Maybe shes worried that we will really attack her son.

After that woman was taken away, she took the initiative to confess all the contents of her contact with Huo Qihan and the transaction records.

According to the lawyers estimation, she will definitely be jailed for a few years.

If you still dont feel appeased, try to let her be jailed for a few more years.”

Although this woman was detestable, she was only an accomplice.

If she were to be convicted, she really wouldnt be convicted of much.

At most, she would be locked up for a few years.

But that did not really matter.

When she came out of it, she would realize that being locked in wasnt the worst thing.

What awaited her when she came out was hell on earth.

As for Huo Qihan, Huo Chenhuan had no intention of letting him out alive from the beginning.


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