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The way Huo Chenhuan called them Uncle and Auntie Su made it seem like he was in the same generation as Su Yayan, treating them as his elders.

In fact, Mr.

and Mrs.

Su were in the same generation as Huo Qihan and his wife, so him saying that meant he labeled himself as the younger generation for no reason.

That would mean that if their marriage really went through, Huo Shaofeng, Su Yayans former fiance, must respectfully greet Su Yayan as his aunt in the future!



and Mrs.

Su were not very happy with the marriage, but when they thought of this, they could not help but feel a little glad and started to look at Huo Chenhuan in a more favorable light.



Su went took Huo Chenhuans address in his stride and said straightforwardly, “My boy, are you really interested in marrying my daughter If you dont want to, you should make it clear to us now.

You dont have to say yes just because you feel obliged to.

As I said, my daughter does not lack suitors.

If anything like yesterdays incident happens again, even if Yayan likes you, we wont allow her to continue hurting herself.”

Huo Chenhuan did not reply hastily, but looked sideways at Su Yayan.

Su Yayan did not take her eyes off Huo Chenhuan since he came down.

The concentration and deep affection in her eyes did not seem to be fake.

As her elder brother, Su Yuxuan looked a little jealous.

Not to mention, Hu Chenhuan already had his sights on her.

Huo Chenhuans heart was on fire and he felt that his hesitation earlier seemed very silly now.

“Dont worry.

Since I promised Yanyan, I wont go back on my words.

Since the original wedding date set by both families is next month, Ill officially ask for her hand in marriage as soon as possible and arrange all the ceremonies.

I promise I wont make Yanyan regret her actions today.”

Even though Mr.

Su was still partial to objecting to the marriage, considering the unique circumstances at that moment, he had no choice but to reluctantly give in.

“Thats more like it.”

The two big men settled the marriage right there and then without giving any room for the other Huo family members to comment.

The Su family had come over threateningly to break off the engagement.

In the end, even though the engagement was called off, another engagement bafflingly took place.

Even though they were still confused, they knew that they did not want to stay in the Huo house a second longer.

When the Su family made to leave, as their future son-in-law, Huo Chenhuan naturally saw to it that he personally sent them off.

As for the other members of the Huo family, they also followed him outside together for some reason.


Su Yayan looked at the car door that her brother opened for her and then, as if she suddenly remembered something, she turned and ran toward Huo Chenhuan.

“Can I come and meet you tomorrow”

Her eyes were amazingly bright, full of expectation and joy.

It was even more dazzling and eye-catching than Huo Chenhuan had remembered.


Ill send someone to pick you up in the morning.”

“Okay!” Su Yayan nodded and her eyes twinkled.

Before Huo Chenhuan could react, she leaned forward and kissed him on the forehead.

Huo Chenhuans pupils shrank slightly and he looked surprised.

[Congratulations, Host.

You have gained Likability 21.

Youre 58 Likability points away from leveling up.

Please continue to work hard.]


“See you tomorrow.” The expected notification prompt made Su Yayans expression even sweeter and more radiant as she ran away with a slight blush.

Huo Chenhuan froze for a moment before he realized what had just happened.

His hand unconsciously touched the spot where he had been kissed and the corners of his lips also spread into a warm smile that had never appeared before.


When Huo Shaofeng saw what happened from the side, he was livid and gritted his teeth as he cursed, “How shameless!”



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