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Firstly, they wanted Su Yayan to see it and comment on it for them in person.

Secondly, they wanted to show off that they had defeated an opponent with nearly eight figures!

Su Yayan saw that many people were discussing the effects of the first batch of medicinal herbs.

After patiently watching for a while and confirming that they were basically all good reviews, she was slightly relieved and continued the previous topic.

“It will take some time for the herbs to be newly added.

The audience members who havent been able to buy them, dont worry.

The research institute will add new herbs regularly.

The good news I have to tell everyone today is not this, but… this.”

As Su Yayan spoke, she took out a small medicine bag from the side.

“Ive already previewed the content of todays livestream broadcast yesterday.

Its barbecue.

If you eat too much barbecue, itll be greasy and easy to get heaty.

Moreover, some people with poor stomachs will easily get diarrhea if they eat too much.

Therefore, after eating barbecue, you need to drink some nourishing soup to neutralize it.”

“The packet in my hand is the Four Gentlemen.

The so-called Four Gentlemen refers to the four medicinal herbs, Ginseng, Baizhu, Poria, and Liquorice.

The amount gathered in a certain ratio is the packet in my hand now.”

As Su Yayan spoke, she lifted the medicine bag in her hand to the camera so that everyone could see what was inside.

“Theres just enough in this packet to go with a few spare ribs and make a small stew, just enough for one person.

If youre a family, you can add an extra packet or two.

Its the same if you stew together.”

As Su Yayan spoke, she placed the pork ribs into the casserole along with the herbs.

Then, she added an appropriate amount of water and began to boil it.

“You can decide how much water you want, but Id suggest about two or three bowls of water for a pack like this.

Too much dilution might make it tasteless.”

“Of course, there are also people who should avoid this stuff.

Breastfeeding mothers cant drink it because a large portion of what they eat and drink during breastfeeding will enter their breast milk and affect the baby.

Its best not to drink this if you have acne on your face.

What exactly applies and what doesnt, itll be marked in large letters on the outer packaging when the time comes.

If youre not sure about your physical condition, you can do a small checkup in advance and choose a medicine packet thats beneficial to your body.”

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“Next we come to deliver a wave of welfare to the viewers who are deeply troubled by their menstruation pain.”

As soon as Su Yayan said this, the female audience in the livestream instantly erupted.

[Ive finally waited for you.

Fortunately, I did not give up! Here I come…]

[Is the host going to make soup again I just happened to be on my period today.

Im in so much pain that I want to cry.

Everyone, take pity on a bedridden pitiful person like me.

Give way to me during the lucky draw later.

Please, sob sob sob…]

The screen of the livestream was flooded with comments asking for a lucky draw.

Su Yayan glanced at them and looked regretful.

“The next medicine packet is also a mixture of four Chinese medicinal herbs called the Four Ingredients.

Inside are Angelica, Chuane, Shirase, and Rehmannia.

Angelica and Rehmannia have been used in my previous livestream broadcast before.

These two things have the effect of adjusting the meridians and nourishing the blood.

Shirase and Chuane also have the effect of circulating the blood to relieve pain and regulate menstruation.”

“But its worth noting that the Four Ingredients Soup is active blood.

You cant drink it during your period.

Its best to drink it before or after.

It depends on personal habits.

I usually drink it after that.

I can just boil the soup or use it to make chicken soup.

If you like it sweet, you can add some red dates and rock sugar.

Itll be good and taste good.

Oh, right, breastfeeding mothers cant drink it either.

For the same reason as just now.”


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