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Su Yayan had just put everything away when she saw a message floating across the screen.

[I can understand the previous few things.

Why is this called the Four Gods Soup]

“Why is it called that” Su Yayan smiled.

“The name has an allusion.

Legend has it that in ancient times, when an emperor was out on a tour, four of his ministers fell ill before they reached their destination because they were tired from the journey.

Later, a doctor was invited to take a look.

The prescription that doctor gave was this Four Gods Soup.

Because it was four ministers, the four ministers, they were called the Four Gods.”

“The tiring journey mentioned in this allusion first pointed out that they were tired.

Secondly, the place where they originally lived was in the dry and hot north.

The place they went on patrol was in the wet and cold south.

They could not adapt to it in a short period of time.

The moisture entered their bodies and stimulated their bodies from the inside and outside.

They immediately fell ill.

From this, it can be seen that the changes in the environment also have a certain impact on the health of the human body and cant be ignored.

People who often travel for business have to take care of themselves.”

“Oh, and if some people dont like the taste of Gorgon, they can always replace it with barley.

The effect will be the same.”

Su Yan covered the pot and wiped her hands with a towel.

She glanced at the four pots of soup that still needed to be stewed for a while and smiled.

“Alright, the soup is ready.

Ill turn off the livestream broadcast first.

Move the camera away and lets go out for a barbecue!”

Su Yayan first advertised the soup she was going to drink today and the new products in her shop before getting ready to get to the point and start the real barbecue party.

On the other side, after confirming his guess, the aggrieved Lan Jiaye finally returned to his sister-in-laws side.

Yan Xiaoran was greeting Little Star with her baby when the two babies, who were half a year apart, called out from afar.

There was an “ah” here and an “ah” there.

It really did sound like they were having a conversation.

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Sensing Lan Jiayes arrival, Yan Xiaoran did not even turn around and asked in a low voice, “Youre back Where did you go just now”

After not hearing Lan Jiaye say anything for a while, Yan Xiaoran finally realized that something was wrong and turned to look at him in confusion.

He was shocked.

Lan Jiayes eyes turned red.

It was obvious that he had just cried.

Yan Xiaorans expression changed slightly.

She hurriedly went up to Lan Jiaye and asked nervously, “Whats wrong Who bullied you”


Yan Xiaoran was stunned.

“Me When did I bully you”

“You and my brother.” The more Lan Jiaye spoke, the more aggrieved he felt.

He wanted to cry even more.

“You clearly know that Little Aunt is the host, but you did not tell me.

Do you find it funny that I know nothing about the host every day and even praise her in front of others”

“No, no.” Yan Xiaoran knew that they were hiding something when she heard him say that.

It might have hurt Lan Jiayes self-esteem.

She quickly explained, “This matter is more complicated than you think.

We did not mean to hide it from you, and we never wanted to see you make a fool of yourself.”

Yan Xiaoran suddenly thought of something and looked up at Lan Jiaye.

“Wait, how are you so sure that shes the host Did you ask her”

Before coming, he was still confused and at a loss.

Now, he was so sure that he had gone to confirm it with the person himself.

“… Yeah.”

“She admitted it”

“… Yeah.”

Yan Xiaoran heaved a sigh of relief and said happily, “Isnt that a good thing Why are you crying”

“Good thing” Lan Jiaye was stunned.

“This is a good thing”


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