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[Tsk, if the hosts husband dares to say no at a time like this, hell have to kneel on the washboard when he goes back.

Dont ask me how I know.

This is all a bloody lesson.


[Host: Kissing me depends on other peoples opinions.

Do you want to kiss me, or do the audience want to kiss me]


Although we really want to kiss the host, we cant, right We can only reluctantly let the hosts husband do it for us.]

[Aiya, why havent you kissed yet Ive already prepared this nutrient shake.

Im just waiting to see the two of you kiss.]

The comments on the screen were encouraging Huo Chenhuan.

However, to everyones surprise, after reading these comments, Huo Chenhuan was unwilling to kiss someone in front of so many people.

He narrowed his eyes and sneered, “Im not letting you see us.”

She was his wife, so couldnt he kiss her any time Must he kiss her for those people to see No! When they get off the air, he could kiss her however he wanted, just the two of them.

No one could see them.

These six short words angered the audience who had wanted to watch the show.

[Ouch, youre making me laugh! We already cant even see your faces, now we cant even hear it!]

[Sob sob sob, I used to think that the hosts husband was very good.

He is rich and dotes on his wife.

When I heard this, I was disillusioned.

Whats good about him Hes a petty person!!!]

[This isnt called being petty.

Its called possessiveness.

The hosts husband is declaring his sovereignty to us! (dog head)]

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[So why am I torturing myself here Other hosts are so sweet.

If we spend more money, they will show their faces.

If we want them to act cute, they will act cute Here Its fine if I cant see their faces, but Im so angry that Im exploding!]

[Its our hosts fault for being rich.

If we could really ask the host to do this and that just by spending money, her livestream would have long been flooded with all kinds of gifts.

Have you forgotten the famous scene where the first-ranked daddy and the new big shot were warned by the host when they were throwing money around]

Su Yayans heart skipped a beat when she saw this message.

She looked at Huo Chenhuan as if she had sensed something.

No wonder someone was especially clingy today.

This was the first time he had appeared in her livestream.

Previously, he could only compete with Dou Tianyi in the livestream and bet on him.

Now that they could finally openly show off their love for each other, it was both a show of their true feelings and a warning to some of the unscrupulous people hiding behind the screen, including Dou Tianyi.

Su Yayan belonged to him.

Whoever dared to extend their claws at her had to be prepared to be chopped off by him.

Thinking of this, Su Yayan could not help but smile sweetly.

At this moment, Lan Minghan, who was in a hurry to rush back to the company to settle some matters, finally arrived.

As soon as he entered, he saw the two of them and could not help but cough to make his presence known.

“Youre here.” Yan Xiaorans eyes lit up when she saw her husband.

She got up and ran over to welcome him.

“Wheres the baby”

“Hes playing with Little Aunts baby inside.

Have you settled everything in the company Are you hungry”

“All taken care of.” As for whether he was hungry…

Lan Minghans gaze subconsciously drifted to the fragrant skewer on Su Yayans hand.

The meaning behind it was self-evident.

Su Yayan was very familiar with Lan Minghans gaze.

She handed the skewers in her hand to Huo Chenhuan and smiled.

“You came at a good time.

If you came any later, there might really be no delicious food left.”

Immediately, everyone saw Su Yayan lean over and open the small oven below.

She used her pliers to pull out a large black ball that was suspected to be charred.


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