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However, she had no idea about her abilities.

The system even wanted to pry open her skull to see what was inside.

[In addition, I would like to remind you that according to your previous choice, the male protagonist of the world has changed to Dou Tianyi.

Even if you manage to conquer Yin Zhihong, you can only treat him as a backup male sidekick.

The main target is still Dou Tianyi.

I hope you understand.]

It would have been better if the system did not say this.

Now that it said so, Wen Jingping almost exploded on the spot again.

“Dou Tianyi Didnt I say that before I do not know this thing, what replacement of the world male lead, what male lead or male supporting No one reminded me about it and just arranged it like that, and you still say that its my choice I never had a choice! Besides, do you think that Dou Tianyi has a good impression of me Its better if the male lead is an old man like Ding Juesi than a person like him!”

The system had mentioned the matter of the male lead of the world to Wen Jingping when it first appeared.

Wen Jingping found out that the original male lead of the world was Huo Shaofeng, but because she had chosen to leave Huo Shaofeng after that, she had inexplicably switched to Dou Tianyi after she had turned to seek protection from Dou Tianyi.

She was in a bad mood.

If she had known that her one wrong move would put her in such an embarrassing situation, Wen Jingping would never have left Huo Shaofeng in such a resolute manner.

She would never have jumped from one fire pit to another.

The worst thing was that she could only change the male lead once.

She had already used it up, so she was destined to be tied to Dou Tianyi for the rest of her life.

Otherwise, she would never be able to truly seize the fate of the world.

Thinking back to that mans callousness and the scene of her being humiliated by Li Yue near the Dou residence, Wen Jingping shuddered, she said hysterically, “No, you have to help me change it.

Just… change it to Yin Zhihong.

Yes, change it to him! You also said that I am the female lead of the world and have the fate of the world.

What I say is an imperial edict.

You have to change it for me.

Change it now!”

[The worlds consciousness is like this.

The system cannot be changed.

Host, please do not make things difficult for the system.]

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The systems tone of reply was already tinged with impatience.

It did not expect that it had only made a little mistake and arrived a little later than expected.

This stupid worlds female protagonist had actually broken off with the male protagonist to the point of death, it had even activated the world protection mechanism, automatically changing the male protagonist to the point of death.

In its eyes, this scene was entirely Wen Jingpings doing!

“Difficult You cant even do such a small thing, and you still say that Im making things difficult for you” Wen Jingping was a little crazy, “This wont do, that wont do either.

What use are you exactly When you first appeared, you said that you could help me solve all my problems and difficulties, make everyone like me, and make everyone who goes against me pay the price But in the end You cant do anything.

Ive never seen a system as useless as you!”

Wen Jingpings words made the system furious.

As the most advanced system, the things it could do were definitely beyond the imagination of this paper world.

It was helpless that it was bound to a fake, brainless host.

She did not do her mission well and went around seeking death.

Not only did it have to face all sorts of Asura battlefields when it had just taken its position, a certain someone who did not have enough points could not exchange for a system store item.

It was not its fault that it was useless, but she actually dared to blame it!

Even though it was just an AI that was numb to emotions, it was rare for the system to be filled with the anger of a human.


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