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“Youre asking me why I did this” Huo Qihan knew that Zheng Qianyang had gotten involved and that he would not be able to escape this time.

He was finally starting to make things difficult for himself, and he was no longer trying to escape the blame like before.

“Hahahahaha…” Huo Qihan suddenly laughed.

It was unclear whether he was laughing at Huo Chenhuans words or at himself.

“Why would I do that Is there a need to ask Of course its because of you!”

Huo Chenhuan narrowed his eyes and did not speak.

“Foster son, foster son, foster son, do you know what I cant stand the most The thing I cant stand the most is people saying that Im the foster son of the Huo family, while you are the pure and noble young master of the Huo family.”

“No one has ever mentioned the matter of foster son in front of you.

Dad and mom have never allowed anyone to mention it.

Even I only found out about it by accident when I grew up…”

Before Huo Chenhuan could finish his sentence… Huo Qihan suddenly raised his voice and interrupted him, “No one has ever brought it up in front of me, but the way they look at you and me, their actions, their expressions, everything is telling me the truth.”

“On what basis On what basis do they deny all my years of hard work the moment you appear “What right do they have to make me a backstory to be ridiculed as long as youre around “What right do they have to deny all my efforts Just because you have the Huo familys blood flowing in your veins and Im just adopted”

Huo Qihan did not know when he began to have these thoughts.

All he knew was that he was holding a grudge, but he did not dare to vent it out because he was afraid.

He was afraid that if he showed even the slightest bit of bad mood, people would say that he was ungrateful and that his parents would chase him back to that dark place where he could not even eat his fill.


This kind of emotion had been there ever since Huo Chenhuans mother was pregnant with him.

However, at that time, the two adults in the family did take care of his emotions and repeatedly stated that the arrival of his younger brother would not change the family in any way, it would not affect him in any way.

He was still the eldest son that they loved and cared about the most.

However, in the near future, the family would have one more member who could live and grow with him.

Huo Qihan believed it and quickly adjusted his state of mind.

However, the fear and inferiority complex that was buried deep in his bones could not be easily dispelled with just a few words.

Especially when there was an additional fuse to stir up trouble around him, these negative emotions were more likely to go out of control.

Not long after Huo Chenhuan was born, Huo Qihan started a family of his own.

He married his then girlfriend, who later became Mrs.


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It was one thing for Mrs.

Huo to be willing to marry Huo Qihan because they had feelings for each other, but Huo Qihans family background was clearly a factor that the woman and her family cared about.

The Huo family kept Huo Qihans identity a secret, so Mrs.

Huo did not know about it at first when she married into the Huo family.

However, after all, they were a family that she saw every day, and Mrs.

Huo finally found out about this big secret, and her expression changed.

Huo Qihan still remembered how his wife ran to him excitedly after she found out the truth.

She was angry and sad, and she cried so hard that it was as if the sky was falling.

She even said a lot of nasty things without thinking, the scene of her clamoring for a divorce and going back to her parents house.

It was a thorn in Huo Qihans heart, and the first thorn that caused the series of tragedies that followed.

Fortunately, Mrs.

Huos dissatisfaction did not last long because she found out that she was pregnant.


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