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Su Yayan lay in Huo Chenhuans arms to calm herself down.

She then asked tentatively, “Can I ask you a question”


“You just said that your father was seriously injured in an accident and was hospitalized.

It was you who pulled out the oxygen mask.

What exactly happened”

Although Su Yayan had never met Huo Chenhuans father, she could tell from Huo Chenhuans tone when he mentioned his father several times that he must have loved his father very much.

If that was the case, how could he have killed his own father There must be some secret behind this.

Su Yayan looked at Huo Chenhuan carefully after asking, as if she felt that this topic was a bit cruel.

She could not help but back out.

“Its okay if you dont want to talk about it.”

“Theres nothing that cant be said.” Huo Chenhuan followed after Su Yayans words, “Did I ever tell you about the accident that year My dad tried his best to protect my mom, but sometimes God just likes to joke around.

My dad was severely injured, but in the end, my mom died first.

She left before she could make it to the hospital.”

“My dad was seriously injured at that time.

It had been a few days since he woke up.

I had just woken up at that time.

When I found out about their accident, I struggled to find them.

What I got was the news of my mothers death and the news that my father was still in danger.”

As Huo Chenhuan said this, his hands began to clench unconsciously.

Seeing this, Su Yayan quickly put her hand on the back of his hand and comforted him in a low voice, “Its okay, its okay.

Im here.

Ill stay with you.”

Under Su Yayans comfort, Huo Chenhuans mood slightly improved, his clenched hands did not relax.

“I was devastated.

I ran to him like crazy, but I didnt expect him to beg me the first time he saw me.”


“Beg you Beg you for what”

“He begged me to remove his oxygen mask.”

“Why!” Su Yayan was stunned.

She would never have thought that a father who loved his child very much would make such a request of his own son.

“He already knew, or rather, felt that my mother was no longer alive.

He loved my mother too much.

He couldnt accept the fact that my mother wasnt by his side for the rest of his life.

Moreover, he was indeed severely injured at that time.

His internal organs were bleeding, and all sorts of indicators were in danger.

He could die at any time.

Even if he was lucky enough to be saved, he wouldnt be able to live for more than a few years.

Moreover, he would have to suffer from illness for the last few years.

It would be very painful…”

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“So, you agreed to his request and removed his oxygen mask”

“… Yes.” Huo Chenhuan responded in a low voice.

The smile on his face was forced, “Now you know why Huo Shaofeng was so afraid of me, right Even though he scolded me behind my back for being a cripple many times, he didnt dare to refute me in front of me.

He was afraid that I would do something to him.

Because they all knew about this.

They knew that I killed my father with my own hands.

They thought that I was crazy, but they couldnt kill me.

They could only stay away from me.

They were afraid that one day, I would kill them like I killed my father.”

“Stop it, stop it!” Su Yayan hugged Huo Chenhuan tightly and cried even more miserably than before.

Although she could understand his fathers decision, and she could imagine how much Mr.

Huo loved his wife back then, she could not help but feel resentful and angry towards him.

Why must Huo Chenhuan fulfill his sad and beautiful love He was only a child at the time.

Why did he have to bear such a burden Why was he so cruel to him!


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