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The Mate Of The Alpha King Chapter 8: The Scent

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He set calmly, watching the show, where people set through the dining table enjoying the dinner and the food. His ears were up listening to any word, sign or anything that can show him the path.

The alpha kept talking to the general about rouges movement and how their number kept increasing on the late period, in a way that started to raise some questioning marks.

"Lately rogues herds are increasing around my land in a scary pass, consequently my guards will at least catch ten to twenty trespassers per day. Thats why they were on alert and failed to recognize your estimated guests." He started flattering his words, making excuses.

"Don mention it, we don blame you at all. Beside we weren wearing our uniforms so it was reasonable" Jace the team Leader replied, laughing it off. "But you have a beautiful Pack, I have to admit it looks special" Continuing with his honeyed words. "To be honest I never saw such breathtaking natural place, I have to recommend my people to give you a visit.

His words were on place, bringing a brilliant smiles to the alpha and his entourage. They started thinking and calculating the benefits resulting of this simple recommendations. In a way he wasn lying, his words were absolutely correct as their Pack was one of the most beautiful places on the kingdom most known by its sceneries. Their land kept its original breathtaking landscape and topography. Resulting it to be one of the top touristic destination.

"We really appreciate your help, my sincere thanks" he answered "Our Pack hold a unique geographical charm that attracts people from all over the place to come and have a taste of this heavenly place." He proudly confirmed, taking pleasure of showing off their importance.

In fact, this pack wasn with any huge influence economically speaking. Compared to others he was on the top bottoms, barely holding a stand with the economic returns. It was true that the land had a huge territories yet it was combined by mountains and thick forests making it impossible to raise divert economy. Leading it to have tourism as its main district, not involving in any industrial aspect. All their products and needs were imported from allied Packs.

"True, true this place is heavenly" Jace confirmed nodding his head repeatedly. "Ahhh since we are here, it will be lovely if you can show us around" he proposed hinting for extra privilege from the alpha.

And the alpha didn hesitate at all jumping to invite them for a tour "If you are available why don we go tomorrow I will be your personal guide" he asked beaming from east to west.

And just like that with a magical twist he started to talk about all the known and unknown fabulous spots his land hold. He went on and on while the proud smile of Jace kept widening further and further away. And from time to time he will throw a satisfied glance towards his King as if saying "look, I did a good job now thank me. Tell me I did well".

Xaviers eyes twitched cringing from this dog like behavior, he questioned himself looking back at him "should I buy you a bone"

Choking enough Jace agreed with his head nodding approving eagerly. Xavier just set there blocked mentally for few second thinking to himself "what the hell just happened, am I going soft on them?"

However he didn care actually, in the end his man did a good job getting what they needed without rising any suspicions. He got the information in an effortless way and passing his command to compare with their Intel hopefully this can lead us somewhere.

But before he could think about anything else, the smell of strawberries and vanilla the most delicious scent that he ever smelt in his life hit him from all sides. His heart started beating faster than ever in a matter of seconds as if he was running for miles. Even his wolf, got startled woken by the smell becoming restless more than he already was.

His eyes went wide looking and hunting for the source. Quickly he jumped to his feet alarming the people beside him, looking left and right. He searched through the crowed hungry for that smell. Without thinking twice he blasted off from his place following the still lingering scent.

His actions surprised and horrified his men. Seeing their alpha move faster than the light they automatically moved following his lead. Some shape shifted into wolves howling strongly moving into defense positions. While others held their weapons facing whoever in front. Werewolves are known not only by the ability of transforming into wolves, but also by their power which was reflected into those majestic huge wolves that can be compared to giants. If one was put into a place he will be able to destroy a town without an effort, nevertheless, fifteen werewolves who shifted in one not so large space and in one go. The consequences weren countable, it was mere chaos.

Screams rang through the walls of the mansion replacing the joyful feelings of not so long ago. The Cries and the yells become louder along with the shattering of the woods and the glasses as the luxuries tables of food flew in every possible direction.

In short the nice evening and the welcoming vibes become hell.

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