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What did I hear now


Without time to ponder his words, Richards put one leg on the bed and tilted his upper body toward me.




He used to have a good impression, but now he has a particularly creepy atmosphere.


However, the beauty that fascinated people remained.


I hurriedly put my hand on his shoulder.


Richard looked down at my hand quietly.


I grabbed his shoulder tightly.


“Richard, I don’t know if you know, but…”

I slowly closed my eyes and lifted them up.


“The Marquis Evantes is staying upstairs.”


Instead of imprisoning me, take your revenge on Argen.


This means following the original.


But his eyebrows rose upwards in displeasure at how he interpreted my words.


“Since you have a fiance, are you threatening me to swallow your fear”


“… It’s not like that.”




He patted my hair and asked in a relaxed tone.


“I don’t know exactly how you feel for me, but I know for sure that you hate me.”


I betrayed him three years ago and ran away, but Richard clearly had feelings beyond resentment.


“That feeling must have played a role in locking me up.”


Richard couldn’t stand it and twisted my hair with his index finger.


He didn’t seem to be taking my words seriously, but his blue eyes settled calmly.


“I know these words are a bit rude, but I’m not the only one you hate.”


“So take the Marquis of Evantes upstairs instead of me”




I’m not telling you to take it, but I can’t deny it.


Richard’s expression was surprising, but for me it was a bit unfair.


In the first novel I saw, you locked Argen up.

The one you should blame is Argen.


So I’m telling you to stop doing this to me and go to Argen, but was it that weird


“That is your fiance’s name, but he’s being treated that way.

I’m glad about that, but….”


He muttered slowly and stopped talking.

For a moment, he seemed to choose a word in thought.


“You don’t know anything.”


What does this mean


“You really don’t know anything.”


What are you saying I don’t know anything, all of a sudden


I frowned at an unknown word.

And I spit it out.


“Did we need an understanding between us”


From the moment he imprisoned me in the first place, my past mistakes were almost cleared up.

As a result, the escape plan was disrupted and I even became engaged to Argen.


Although I resented Richard, the culprit who twisted things up, I decided to think that the fact that he had not said anything so far was a process of clearing up the past mistakes.


So now it’s just a bad relationship.


But Richard didn’t seem to care.


“You really don’t care about me.”


“It’s not something I should be interested in.”


“It’s sad that you think so, but I thought you’d be wondering why I can’t smell your scent.”


“… Why couldn’t you take it”


Richards bent his eyes to see if he was happy with my question.


“To get you.”


“… What”


“Why would I go to the battlefield and use a weapon that I didn’t like very much”


Because you have nowhere to go That’s why you went there.


But I couldn’t say that.


The way Richard looked at me was clearly saying that it was all because of me.




In the end, I couldn’t stand it and asked him.


“I don’t know what kind of life you have led, but did you do that because of a bad relationship”


No matter how transcendent, the battlefield is a different law.


He would have survived there as much as he had overwhelming force, but on the battlefield, he lost many things besides his life.


No matter how strong he may be, it’s like a pit where blood is splattered and screams never stop.


You may have once burned with revenge, but is it worth the pain


It was not an understandable thing, as it was completely outside common sense.


“I know.

Why did I do that”


Richard, too, shrugged as if wondering why he had done it.


Who knows if it’s not you It was ridiculous to hear from this side.


“What is certain is…”


The gaze that wandered in the air as if in trouble alone turned to me again.


“I’ve locked you up and you think you’ve paid off with it, but…”


He smiled as if he was sorry.


“This is not something that can be free from.”


With that single word, all the words I had prepared to persuade him flew away.


I asked, glaring at him in frustration.


“So you’re going to lock me up again”


“I told you, I’m thinking.”


Are you saying that now


Richard smiled happily as he saw my expression.


“It wouldn’t be a bad idea to lock you up so he could only see you.”




I wish it was a joke, but it must be the truth.


Richard showed kindness by handing over my disheveled hair behind my ears as if he felt nothing even after seeing my hardened face.


His body, which had been leaning towards me, came close to me.


“Rosie, would you like to kiss me”


Then whispers low.


The man’s beautiful face in the moonlight was quite seductive.


I changed my mind to say no.


“If you promise to come back quietly.”


Richard gave a thoughtful expression for a moment.


As soon as a decision has been made, he bows his head and comes to touch my lips.


“Open your mouth.”


After hesitating, I decided to comply with his request.


Something hot rushed into my mouth through the slightly opened gap.


It was already overwhelming.

I didn’t want to lose to the man who ruffled my mouth, so I put my arm around his neck, pretending to be relaxed.


However, it was not easy to deal with a man who suddenly changed like a beast full of lust due to volatilization of reason.


I tried to run away because I was afraid that he would act like a beast that lost his reason, but the man was quick.


Richard hugged my waist with his tender hand and grabbed the back of my head with the other.


The action that seemed to block the corner from which I escaped took my breath away.


In the end, tears welled up and I looked at Richard with pathetic eyes.


As if begging that he would stop if he had a conscience, his blue eyes lit up with a strange light for a moment.


The hand that was holding my waist tightened.




The man’s movements in my mouth turned violent.

He was like a beast who had completely lost his reason and left only his instincts.


It wasn’t until I lost my mind that Richard opened his mouth.


His lips, which separate slowly as if regret, were red.


“… Rosie.”


He called me in a voice addicted to terrifying pleasure.


His eyes were glowing from the aftermath of excitement, and his eyes were loosed hazy.


“Shall we do it one more time”


“… Can’t you see I’m gasping for breath”


The man laughed at what made him feel good.


“Can you do this with your fiancée”


Who said I’d do it first I feel like I’m the only one who has become a bad person.


And I’ve only signed a contract and I’m not even engaged.


‘By the way, it’s a contract engagement anyway, so should I be concerned about this’


Argen doesn’t seem to care.


This makes me feel like I’m having an affair.


“Now go back.

You must have forgotten that you decided to quietly leave my room if I kissed you, right”




I was worried that he might not keep his promise, but what I feared did not happen.


Nevertheless, the man who patted me with a touch full of aesthetic lingering feelings fell only after I pushed his chest.


He sighed.


He acted like he was very sad.


“Now go.”


Richard looked at me and smiled.


“See you next time.”


“… Next”


I’m leaving this place tomorrow.

Will I ever see you again


It was a very ominous word.




Richard felt good.


As he left the mansion, a strong wind blew.


His silver hair fluttered in the wind.


It was still snowing.


He looked up at the falling snow.


The sky was dark and the source of the snow could not be seen.


It was a pure white world.


He stood there for a long time and met the pure white snow.


The man stood there for a very long time.


A very long time.


In the meantime, the man’s head was filled with only one woman.


Before leaving the room, I can’t get out of my head when a woman with disheveled pink hair looked at me with swollen lips.


Even the shoulder strap that went under the shoulder because the clothes were messy.


It was so sexy.

Richard remembered that scene and smiled in the pure white snow.


He looked like he was going to burst into laughter, but it didn’t seem very frivolous.


The man, who was enjoying such joy, wrinkled his eyebrows thinking of Rosie’s fiance.


It was a quick change of mind.


The feeling he was reminded of suddenly sinks to the bottom.


The man pulled out the hairpin in his arms, tightly closing his hardened mouth.


Rosie had previously used it to stab him.


Turn the pin to reveal a hidden blade inside it.


He turned the pin again and hid the blade inside the hairpin.


Unable to let go of the hand holding the hairpin, he clenched his fist.


After repeating only stupid things for a while, he lowered his lips to the hairpin.




Recalling it made me feel good again.


Soon it was dawning.


No more time to delay.


Unable to continue to enjoy this feeling, Richard sighed briefly and turned the hairpin to reveal the blade.


Without hesitation, he thrust the blade deep into his neck.


Red blood was scattered all over the place and the man’s body fell together.


Red-colored snow and a fallen man.

It was the only trace left on the snow piled up.


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