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“Lady, you haven’t taken any medicine yet, have you”




“I’ll take care of it, so go ahead and eat.

You’re not feeling well, so you should eat on time.”




Michelle’s momentum was shattered.

Then she sat quietly and took the medicine I had given her.

She usually hates it because it’s bitter, but now I’m pretty proud of how well she eats it. 


“Rina.” Michelle, who swallowed the medicine, called me.

“It’s just the two of us.

Call me as usual.”


“I’m doing that now, Lady.” 


Unlike a few years ago, Michelle is now the head of the family.

However, the title “Lady,” which I had been calling her with affection for a long time, was rarely out of my mouth.

Because I just can’t get used to the word “Baron.”


“Not that.

There is something else.”


Michelle said it straight out, and the tip of her ear was red.

Usually, I would have refused it several times before doing it, but today I simply decided to do what she wanted. 




When I call her name, Michelle smiles happily. 


—Looking at it reminds me of a man who asked me to call his name long ago.


It’s been three years.

I don’t have time to be emotional.

The vacation is also gone.  And I have to make sure about it. 


When Michelle started to fight with the maid in the morning, I quickly gave up my vacation and stood by her side. 


‘If I can’t rest today, let’s ask to rest next time.’


Michelle’s face improved as I eased her mood.

Still, she couldn’t get rid of the sad look, which was probably because her maid sold items that belonged to her mother.

It seems to be quite bothering that she can’t concentrate on her work properly. 


“Don’t worry, Lady.” 


“…What do you mean.” 


“You’ve been paying attention to your belongings.”


“…It’s not like that.”


What do you mean no It’s all written on her face.


Because Michelle’s pride is so high that it reaches the sky, she never wants to show weakness to other people.


I can honestly say this. 



Did I only serve the Lady for a day or two It’s already been three years.”




“I can tell what the Lady wants to say just by looking at your face.”


I didn’t just watch her for three years; I watched her every single day, all day long.

I was so good at dealing with her to the point I didn’t even have to try to figure out how she felt. 


“You can be honest.” 


“…Yes, it bothers me.” 


“See I’m right.” 


Her face is contorted as if crying.

I sighed and patted her on the back. 


“I was going to tell you, but I’ll find your mother’s belongings, so don’t worry.”




Michelle looked at me in amazement.


“I met that maid earlier.

We talked comfortably, so she told me the truth.” 


I made a clear threat when Michelle wasn’t around.

As it was an urgent matter, I went out a little hard and acted like a local bully. 


The maid, who didn’t say anything even when Michelle hit her, told me the truth when I said I would get rid of all of her family members.


She was really freaked out then.


“I’ve found out where she sold it, so I’ll go find it.”




“So don’t worry and work.

You trust me, right 


Michelle nodded her head with red eyes.

Then she whispers softly.


“…Thank you.” 


It was a big surprise when Michelle said thank you.

Because from what I’ve learned here over the past three years, nobles never say thank you or apologies, especially to someone with a lower status.


Of course, Michelle was no exception because she was an arrogant noble to the bone.

So somehow, I felt proud.


I rolled my eyes and smiled.




* * *


It was three years ago.

I had only worked at Baron Sevelin for a few months when Michelle fired me.

However, just a week or so after that, Michelle came to see me. 


How the hell did she know my house She smashed the door open and came in. 


“It’s you, right” And she suddenly asked me.


After Baron cut me off, I couldn’t find a useful job, so I looked at job openings in the house I had just rented.

I put down the job posting and asked. 




“Don’t pretend to be innocent.

It’s you.” 


“I don’t know what you mean, Lady.” 


I understood what Michelle was saying, but I didn’t want to get too involved, so I acted like I didn’t.

But, to be honest, I didn’t want to get involved with Michelle.

Because if Gilbert found out about this, it would be hard for me to live.


“You think I didn’t know You’re the one who sent the letter to the Howard family.”


“Why do you think it’s me”


“…Because there is no one beside you.” 


To put it simply, I was the one who wrote the letter to the Howard family, just like Michelle said. 


A few years ago, Gilbert’s merchant was beaten by the Howard family and went bankrupt. 


Gilbert had a strong grudge against it. 


There was no way to take revenge at the time, but Gilbert, who claimed to be Michelle’s substitute, ran the merchant and caused problems. 


Baron Sevelin’s merchant was very influential in this area.

So Gilbert decided to crush the Howard family by using the influence of the Sevelin’s merchant. 


First, Gilbert abused his power with subcontractors who worked for Howard.

Then, he stopped supplying goods that were being supplied from the Sevelin’s merchants.

As a result, the Howard family was cornered.


‘But the Howard family is also the only ones who can save Michelle.’


Michelle is 19 years old.

The Empire only considers someone to be an adult if they are at least 20 years old.

So before she turns 20, Michelle can’t take over either the merchant or the family.


That’s why her uncle, Gilbert, can move his limbs; unfortunately, Michelle didn’t have the authority to choose her substitute. 


Except for one way. 


If it is discovered that the substitute has abused the successor, he can no longer maintain his status as a substitute.

And that’s when Michelle gets to choose her substitute.


Previously, the Howard family had to ask for mercy from Gilbert, but things turned different when Michelle’s abuse was revealed. 


However, up until now, Gilbert has never hit Michelle openly.

He just created a situation that seemed to be Michelle’s fault and cleverly abused her in the guise of discipline.

But because I worked for Michelle and Gilbert, I know everything that happened and have proof that he abused her.


So I sent the evidence to the Howard family.


“I know everything, so don’t pretend to be innocent.

Tell me the truth.” Michelle stared at me fiercely. 


Anyone who sees it would think I was a sworn enemy who killed her parents. 


“Why did you send a letter on your own”




“I never asked you to do that.

Why are you acting your own way” 


I know.

She never asked me for help.


Helping someone is nothing more than selfish action if that person doesn’t ask for help. 


“Did you feel sorry for me” 


Did it hurt her pride because she thought I sympathized with her 


Well, Michelle is an arrogant noble by birth, like Argen.

To her, I was nothing more than a low person. 


“Do you hate being sympathized”




“Sometimes I am grateful for sympathy.”


Michelle crumpled her face.

I looked at her and answered calmly.


“I didn’t want you to get hit anymore.

That’s why I sent a letter to the Howard family.” 


Michelle seemed to be convinced that it was me anyway, so I decided just to reveal it.


“You asked me if I felt sorry for you, right Yes, I felt sorry for Lady.” 


“…How dare you to feel sorry for me on your subject”


“You were pitiful enough that I dare to feel sorry for you with my subject.”


“…I only had to last a few months.

Then I would have taken over the authority.”


It seemed to be what she was thinking.


Michelle’s struggles in the mansion must have been caused by the fact that in a few months, everything will be hers.


However, unfortunately, the world wasn’t easy. 


“You know what, Lady”


Michelle’s fine eyebrows were raised. 


“It is not unusual for a person’s substitute to inherit property from them.

Oddly enough, the successors often get killed or go missing.”




It was very common for the substitute to kill the rightful heir if they didn’t want to give the power back to the child. 


“And months are longer than you thought, so when you took over the family and the merchant, your uncle would have had quite a lot of control.”


“…How arrogant.” 


 If it was Michelle’s usual personality, it wouldn’t be strange if she grabbed me by the hair or slapped me on the cheek.


But Michelle remained silent. 


“I’m sorry to have made such a conclusion thoughtlessly.

If you don’t like what I’m doing, you can get rid of the Howard family.” 




Michelle was silent for a moment.


There was nothing but silence for a while. 


Then, Michelle finally opened her mouth when the tense atmosphere began to loosen. 


“…I will work with the Howards.”


“Please do.”


“I’m going to drive that snake away.”


“That’s a good idea.” 


Michelle’s eyes burned with deep hatred.

It was very different from the weak eyes I had seen before, which showed only pride. 


“I need a substitute.”


“You can save it.”


“You do it.”




I answered indifferently and then raised my head in surprise. 




“I want you to be my substitute.” 


Not only do I wake up, but I also feel like I’m going crazy. 


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