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Aunt Zhao over there tried her best to bring the topic to Su Ruan, “Su Ruan and Xiang Yang are both from First Middle School, you should know each other…”

Liao Hong Mei quickly interrupted Aunt Zhao’s words, and said with a smile, “My Qing Qing is a few months younger than Ruan Ruan, and she is also in the first middle school.”

“…She also said that Xiang Yang is very famous in the school, and many girls like to see him play basketball…”

Huo Xiang Yang looked at Su Qing qing with blushing cheeks.

He couldn’t help smiling.

It was always a joy to be admired by girls.

Seeing this, Liao Hong Mei worked even harder.

After that, no matter what topic Aunt Zhao raised, Liao Hong Mei could start with “My Qing Qing is young…”.

After this conversation, the Huo family understood Su Qing Qing thoroughly.

Oh, Su Ruan also learned something by the way.

Liao Hongmei showed pity on her face and said, “…her father worked in the Education Department.

It was time for the inspection by the leaders.

Mom is a stepmother.

This child has followed her grandma since childhood…”

“…because her father always sides with her stepmother.

I remember one time she dropped her father’s favorite pen, and her father ignored her, alas, I was sorry to see that, I only hope someone will take good care of her…”

“…How dare the stepmother fight her, Ruan Ruan is our family’s little overlord…”

Aunt Zhao, who had been in the matchmaking business for years understood what Lu Hong Mei meant.  

Didn’t that mean that Su Ruan was not valued by her parents, had a big temper, and was a narrow-minded person

This was because Su Qing Qing was going to marry a disabled person, so she couldn’t see Su Ruan marrying well! It was indeed something that the second family could do.

Hearing those words, the old lady Su was also full of fire.

She interrupted the fiery Liao Hong Mei who was chatting with Huo’s mother, and said, “Hong Mei, it’s getting late, let’s prepare to cook.”

Then said to Su Qing Qing, who was taking care of Huo Xiang Mei, “Qing Qing, go to the third master’s house and bring some fresh meat back.”

Su Qing Qing smiled and said, “Grandma, you forgot, you had specifically told the third master to keep the meat for us and brought it back this morning.”

“And to bring back two more fish…” She looked up at the watch hanging on the wall, tilted her head at the brother and sister of the Huo family, and playfully said, “I make delicious fish, let you taste my craftsmanship today.”

Liao Hong Mei immediately said, “It’s not that I’m boasting, my Qing Qing is very good at cooking.

She has been diligent since she was a child.”

Aunt Zhao said with a smile, “No, Qing Qing is going to marry into the city.

Her in-law’s side is very good.

It’s good to be hard working.”

Hearing this, the three members of the Huo family were stunned for a moment, and Mother Huo said in surprise, “Qing Qing already has a husband’s family.”

Their enthusiasm dwindled to the naked eye.

Su Qing Qing secretly scolded Aunt Zhao for being troublesome in her heart, but she already had a plan to deal with such a revelation. 

At this moment, a sad expression appeared on her pale face, and she pretended to be strong and smiled, “Yes.”

This was a huge contrast with her earlier lively and laughing appearance.

At first glance, this marriage was a sad thing to mention.

It makes people more curious, wasn’t it a happy thing to marry into the city

Liao Hongmei sighed leisurely and said, “The other party is a soldier, but he was badly injured and paralyzed…”

Su Qing Qing lowered her head quickly.

When Huo Xiang Yang looked at the water drop from the corner of her eyes, he felt pity in his heart.

Aunt Zhao was overwhelmed by the behavior of the mother and daughter, who forced Su Qing Qing to marry.

It was originally Su Ruan’s marriage, they robbed her, and now they have to make that marriage a forced and helpless gesture.

This woman Su Ruan’s cousin, why was still stealing her marriage

However, the Huo family did not know, so Su Qing Qing showed optimism and strength in the face of the tragic fate, earning enough appreciation from the Huo family.

After eating the fish, Huo Xiang Mei looked even more regretful, and Huo Xiang Yang’s eyes uncontrollably drifted toward Su Qing Qing.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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