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11 Who Dares to Call Himself the King

“Yes!” The girl had a bad feeling.

Leon Zimmermans eyes were fixed on the computer in front of him. On the internal system, everyones personal information could be found, including their home address and even their room information.

But now, Leon had just returned from Jason Williams place, and he even got to know someones name.

As long as it involved this person, Jason had asked Leon to report it directly to him and not handle it on his own.

Jason did not reveal the identity of this person in the slightest!

He only said one thing, that he was above the special operations team!

The computer in front of Leon had turned completely red ever since he entered the name. There were even beeping sounds of alarm.

It was a personal information file with the most striking three Ss.

An SSS-class top-secret file!

This also meant that his identity belonged to this secret class.

Even Jason would not be able to read this secret, let alone Leon.

And this name was Braydon Neal!

Who was he

Leon was shocked. This was the first time he had seen such a secret file. Other than the name, age, nationality, address, and so on, everything else was a question mark.

This made him not dare to investigate at all!

Leon hung up the phone and dialed Jasons number. He said, “Uncle Jason, something has happened!”

“Speak!” Jason spoke in a capable and experienced manner.

“Braydon must have seriously injured someone when he went to Preston University. We cant be sure if hes killed anyone,” Leon said.

“Ill take responsibility for this!”

Jason hung up the phone and was silent for a long time.

He knew all too well what the seven-year-old Braydon had experienced on that rainy night thirteen years ago!

How could the Northern King, who had returned, let go of the blood feud

How could there not be blood on the day of his return

At Preston University, Braydon was pushing a wheelchair and could see the loving smile on his mothers face.

Under the fiery red maple tree, Braydon quietly stopped and looked at his mothers graying hair.

“Mom, youre old!” He said softly.

“Silly child, theres no one who doesnt grow old in this world. Its been thirteen years, and in the blink of an eye, my Braydon is all grown up!” Laura Quinn turned around, and her tears fell quietly.

However, Braydon said, “Ill help you stand again!”

Laura held Braydons hand, as if she was worried that her child would leave her again. As for being able to stand again, it was no longer important.

The most important thing was that she was satisfied as long as she could see Braydon again.

Right in front of them, a school worker appeared. His burly body was slightly hunched, and he was wearing a light-yellow uniform. He lowered his head and was sweeping the fallen leaves. Year after year, day after day, the maple leaves would grow and fall.

Just like his job, he had to clean the red maple leaves every day.

“Old man Neal, you havent resigned yet” The students passing by would occasionally tease him.

“Im just earning money for a meal. I wont quit. I cant quit...”

The burly mans weathered square face was a little tan, and his sideburns were white as frost. In the face of the students teasing, he would still feel restrained and embarrassed.

He was the eldest son of the second generation of the Neal family!

The heir of the family had been decided long ago!

If it were anyone else in his current job, they would have already committed suicide by jumping off a building.

This was almost humiliating!

“I heard that Vice-Principal Lang drove you away again last week,” a short-haired student said jokingly. “You even knelt down and begged him not to fire you. Is that true”

The students around him looked at him with a mischievous gaze and a faint look of disdain.

The burly man was silent.

He silently watched as the maple leaves gathered into a pile, and the short-haired student deliberately kicked them, scattering the pile of leaves.

The man did not say a word and swept them into a pile again.

It was as if he had already become accustomed to this kind of life for the past ten years.

As he was sweeping, he unknowingly reached the wheelchair under the maple tree.

He did not need to look up to know who was waiting for him. He could not bear to blame her as he said, “Your body is weak. Why did you come downstairs Why didnt you wait for me to pick you up after work”

“Old Neal, look up and see who it is!”

Laura suppressed her excitement.

The man raised his head and looked at Braydon. He was stunned at first, and then he exclaimed, “Braydon”

“Dad!” Braydons nose twitched, and he almost cried.

He, Braydon, was known as the War God of the North, a figure who could be conferred the title of a deity.

But he, King Braydon, was also human!

He was also a son. He also knew that he was afraid of coming home, and he also had feelings.


Returning to his hometown and seeing his family again caused Braydons eyes to turn red. Finally, he hugged his father, Louis Neal.

Louis eyes turned red. “Thirteen years. Its been thirteen years. My Braydon is all grown up. Youre finally back!”

Braydon had never thought that there would be a day when the family of three would be reunited.

The short-haired student not far away asked suspiciously, “Old man Neal, you have a son”

The students passing by were also very curious. No one had ever heard of Louis Neal having a son. Now that one had suddenly appeared, it was quite surprising.

Louis came back to his senses. His hunched body was straight, and his eyes were sharp. He asked in a low voice, “Braydon, who allowed you to come back”

All these years, Louis and Laura were still alive, but they did not dare to contact Braydon.

They knew that Braydon would definitely return to Preston if he knew that the couple was still alive.

How would the Neal family let him go!

Braydon did not explain. He turned around and let out a tigers roar. The sound waves rolled and resounded over the entire Preston University.

“Ten years of glory outside the northern frontier fortress, with eight thousand miles of cloud and frost. Now that I have returned, can it be called returning home with honor”


Braydons body fluttered, and his voice was deep.

Spirit Sword Gordon Lowe stood on the roof of the arts academic building with his sword in his hand. He was extremely graceful as he shouted, “You can!”

“In the entire world, who dares to call himself King”

Braydon asked again.

His voice exploded in the sky like muffled thunder. More than ten thousand teachers and students heard it and looked out of the classroom doors and windows.

Zayn Zieglers hair was rough, and his eyes were wide open as he shouted, “Only King Braydon!”

No one in the world dared to call themselves King except King Braydon!

Braydon asked again, “Although Im a plain-clothed man, am I worthy of being called the War God of the North”

“Braydon, the overlord of the north, is worthy of the title!”

The Marquis of Western Hansworth, Bryan Goldman, appeared on the campus with tiger-like steps.

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A thousand black-robed elite guards black capes fluttered in the wind as they walked in unison. Their killing intent filled the air, causing the maple leaves in the sky to dance in the wind.

All of them were wearing black scarves on their faces, and their eyes were full of vigor. They looked at Braydon with fanatical faith.

The one thousand people knelt down on one knee and plunged their sword into the floor tiles. They cupped their fists and shouted, “Greetings, Northern King!”

This scene made all the young students blood boil.

No one understood who the young man in plain clothes was.

Looking at their age, they were about the same age!

The girl, who had just called the police, was shocked by the scene downstairs.

The scene in front of her was really amazing, far more powerful than any explanation from Braydon. It made his father, Louis Neal, believe that the Neal family could not touch him now!

“Dad,” Braydon said softly, “I will use the Northern King sword to wash away the thirteen years of suffering that you and Mom have suffered!”

Louis tiger eyes were red as he held back his tears.

Only Laura knew how much humiliation he, Louis, had experienced in the past thirteen years. He had lived in shame for ten years.

His family was almost destroyed after what happened that year. His wife became disabled, and his son was sent far away to the North, not being able to see him for thirteen years.

The suppressed hatred in Louis heart had long reached its limit and was about to cause his body to collapse.

However, heaven had eyes and Braydon was back.

Braydon glanced at the short-haired student and slowly walked over. “Did these maple leaves provoke you Why did you kick them away!”

“No, no they didnt!” The short-haired student swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Braydon asked again, “Did my father offend you For you to humiliate him like this!”



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