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12 You Dare Interfere

“No, I...” The short-haired student was frightened.

Braydon Neal was already in front of him. His fair left hand fell on his chest, grabbing his collar, and suddenly throwing him to the ground.


There was a muffled sound, as if a cannonball had hit the ground heavily, bringing up a cloud of dust.

The cement road cracked like a spider web!

The short-haired students ending was similar to that of Hubert Conrad from before.

He coughed up a large mouthful of blood, his eyes bulging and bloodshot, looking ferocious and terrifying.

“My father didnt bully you nor offend you, yet you insulted him. Do good people owe you anything in this world” Braydon muttered.

This sentence almost aroused Braydons killing intent!

Once Braydon had the intention to kill, it would be the most terrifying thing in the world!

“Braydon, youre not allowed to fight!” Laura Quinn shouted.

Her words extinguished Braydons murderous intent.

“Dad, whos Vice-Principal Lang” Braydon asked.

Louis Neal shook his head. “Its all in the past. I dont want to pursue it!”

“Dad, if he insults you, hes insulting me as well!” Braydon said softly.

Now, it was not Braydon or Louis pursuing it.

After he said that...

Spirit Sword Gordon Lowes killing intent burst forth as he coldly said, “Find him!”

No one in the world could insult King Braydon!

Zayn Ziegler went to find him in person. He could easily find out who Vice-Principal Lang was and where he was.

In less than fifteen minutes.

Zayn was carrying a middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes. He was wearing gold-rimmed glasses and was tall and thin.

His name was Simon Lang, the vice-principal of Preston University. He was forty-five years old. He may seem old, but compared to his peers, he was able to become the vice-principal at this age, so he must have some connections.

Even if he had connections, how could they compare to Braydons identity

Today, even if Braydon were to kill his whole family, who would dare to say anything bad about this Northern King

Simon Lang was shocked and angry. “Who are you Do you know who I am” he asked.

“Let him go! Tell me who you are!” Braydon was very calm.

Simon patted his clothes and adjusted his glasses. He snorted coldly. “Im Preston Universitys vice-principal, Simon Lang. I dont care who you are, get out of my school now, or Ill call the security to send you to the police station!”

Zayns eyes were filled with disdain.

Simon probably did not know that the special operations team members were here. If they did not give their permission, no one would dare to interfere!

This was because the special operations team adhered to an iron law.

That was, when the special operations team did things, anyone who stood in their way would be killed without mercy!

The purpose of the special operations team was to kill!

To protect the peace of a region by killing!

Intimidate the brave and capable martial artists, and deal with unusual events with iron-fisted methods.

The members of the special operations team never bullied good civilians. They would not even reveal their identities.

“Vice-principal of Preston University. What a powerful official!” Braydon smiled.

Once he was done speaking, Simon saw the security team from afar. There was a total of thirty people, and they were rushing over from the security room.

“Vice-Principal Lang, whats wrong” the security guard leader asked.

“Are you blind Cant you see that people outside the school are causing trouble!” Simon gave him a bloody scolding.

The security guard leaders eyelids twitched. He knew that if he offended Simon Lang, he could forget about being the security guard leader.

He turned around and pointed at Braydon, “Youre the one whos causing trouble here Take him out and give him a beating!”

If one was a security guard, the person must have been in fights before.

The thirty security guards then rushed forward without hesitation.

Simon sneered as he adjusted his glasses. He wanted to personally regain his dignity here.

“Insolence!” Zayn was like an angry lion.


In the distance, the thousand black-robed guards under the trees gripped their swords.

Their swords were unsheathed and pointed to the front. Their eyes were cold and murderous.

The official members of the Preston team basically all had blood on their hands, not to mention these elites from the main team!

“Commander, please give you order!” The one thousand people shouted.

The thousands of people requested to fight, and they needed orders!

Braydon had the title of the commander of Northern Hansworth. He only had to say a word, and none of the thirty security guards would be able to live.

The security guard leader immediately peed his pants and said in shock, “W-who are you!”


He could not help but be afraid. How could he have known that the thousand men in black were Braydons men

Looking at his posture, he was just like the boss of society!

Braydon glanced at the security guard leader. He was just a watchdog that bullied the weak and feared the strong, so there was no need to pay attention to him.

One look from him made the security leaders hair stand on end and his hands and feet turn cold.

Simon pretended to be calm. “You should be well aware that this is Preston University. Im the vice-principal here. Dont you dare try anything funny!”

He once again emphasized his status as the vice-principal!

“Vice-Principal, do you have a strong background” Carl Mason glanced at him.

“At the very least, I only need to make a phone call, and you guys will have to bear the consequences!” Simon knew that the security team had already lost control of the situation.

He had to think of another way to solve todays matter!

To be able to become the vice-principal, he did have some ability.

Simon snorted coldly and took out his mobile phone. He then dialed a classmates number.


Jason Williams was in his office. When his personal phone rang, he frowned and answered the call. “Old classmate, youre the vice-principal of Preston University, yet you still have the time to call me”

“Class monitor, I didnt call to chit-chat. I have a slight problem here!” Simon went straight to the point.

Jasons expression was grave, “A students fight Whats the scale of the attack Are there any casualties”

“Its none of the above. Outsiders have barged into our school, and the security team cant control the situation!” Simon said honestly.

Just as Jason was about to open his mouth, he heard other sounds coming from the phone.

Simons phone was snatched away, and he said angrily, “What are you doing Do you know whos on the other end of the line

“Its Jason Williams from Prestons new district branch. You people are simply courting death!”

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Simon was embarrassed in public, and his face was livid with anger.

Zayn grabbed the phone, frowned, and asked, “Jason Williams”

“And you are” Jasons expression was grave.

Zayn had already turned on the speaker before he replied, “Zayn Ziegler, Warblade of the Central Plains. If you dont know this name, you can check on your internal network. If you cant find it, you can report it to the higher-ups!”

As soon as he had finished speaking, Simon was stunned.

From his tone, anyone could feel that Zayns identity was not ordinary.

Jasons little finger trembled slightly. He said calmly, “Commander Ziegler, you must be joking. How could I not have heard of your name The Warblade of the Central Plains dominates the three provinces of the Central Plains.”

Jason could not help but say these flattering words.

In terms of status, the gap between the two was phenomenally huge.

“Do you want to get involved in the special operations teams business” Zayn interrupted him.

“I wouldnt dare!” Jason answered instinctively.

He did not even dare to get involved in the Preston teams affairs, let alone Zayn Ziegler, the Commander of Central Hansworth, who was personally leading his troops at Preston University.

Zayn snorted and hung up the call. He threw the phone back to Simon.

The phone call made Simons face turn pale. He did not know who this group of people in front of him was.

When facing Zayn, Jason did not even even dare to ask a single question.

This kind of power clearly meant that his level was higher than he could ever imagine!

Simon was terrified for no reason. Trembling, he asked, “What do you guys want to do”



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