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14 The Northern Kings Sword

A young man walked over like a tiger. His long hair fluttered in the wind, and his hair was as white as snow. He was exuding such elegance.

The Commander of Eastern Hansworth, the Great Demon King Luke Yates!

To be able to be called the Great Demon King, his character was unruly and wild. He did not follow common sense and did not follow the three thousand common customs of the world.

If there were uncultured people in society that could not be taught, Luke Yates would be the first!

“You brought the Northern Kings sword with you” Bryan Goldman was shocked.

Luke was carrying a black scabbard on his back, and the dusty black battle sword inside made everyone look serious. No one dared to play around.

If this Northern King sword was unsheathed, no one in the world would be able to stop it!

“Brother, let me play with this sword for a few days!” Luke started trying to make a deal.

The faces of Bryan and the others suddenly turned black, and even Gordon Lowes eyebrows were slightly raised.

Everyone knew the sharpness of the Northern King sword. No weapon in the world could withstand it. If Luke wielded the saber, even Gordon would not be able to withstand his attack!

Suddenly, Zayn Ziegler had a headache. He was thinking that the holy church had brought the devil incarnate here!

“This bastard. Whoever encounters him will have a headache!” Carl Masons face darkened.

Of the five commanders, even Gordon would frown whenever he saw this guy.

If there were any of them who dared to fight Gordon to the death, it could only be Luke.

Braydon took the sheathed Northern King sword, slung it behind his waist, and pushed the wheelchair forward.

Lukes eyelids twitched slightly, but when he saw this scene, he calmed down slightly.

When the Northern King donned the sword, it meant that a massacre was about to begin!

“Sly old foxie,” Luke asked doubtfully, “whos so cunning that its forced Boss Braydon to personally wield his blade”

“Shut up!” Bryans face darkened.

He was the Marquis of Western Hansworth, not the sly old fox!

Luke pursed his lips slightly and turned back to look at Carl. He asked softly, “Lil tiger, whats the situation”

“Get lost!” The Tiger of Northern Hansworth, Carl Mason, pulled a long face.

Zayn had already walked far away, and Gordon had already disappeared without a trace.

When Luke saw that no one was paying attention to him, he said slowly, “Big beard Zayn, Ive found your Ziegler familys ancestral grave!”

“Troublemaker, how dare you!” Zayn instantly exploded in anger.

Luke Yates was a devil incarnate. If Zayn dared to ignore him today, he would really dare to go back to Eastern Hansworth and dig up the Ziegler familys ancestral grave!

Luke laughed disdainfully. Lets see if he dared to ignore him!

Zayns face was dark. “Were going to the Neal family now. The opponent isnt that strong!”

Luke squinted his small eyes with a slight frost in his demeanor. With his identity as the Commander of Eastern Hansworth, he had certainly heard about Braydons past over the years.

“Since hes returning to Preston with honor, how can he be so quiet”

“Dont mess around!” Zayn and Carls hearts jumped.

“If its me doing things, you guys dont have to worry!” Luke scoffed.

As soon as this was uttered, Bryans eyelids twitched.

Every time he heard that sentence, it was when this fool was about to get into big trouble.

Five years ago, Luke received a transfer order in the North to be the commander of the Eastern Hansworth main team. It was such a simple task!

In the end, when Luke went to take up his post, he actually went the wrong way and crossed the border.

In an instant, a certain country outside the borders was riled up. The fierce and famous Great Demon King Luke Yates, the Northern Kings left-wing guard, had actually crossed the border silently.

This caused the other country to think that a war between the two countries was about to start, and they sent out 50,000 elites to kill this fool.

Back then, when Luke encountered them, he said that he was there to be the boss. He was even using all sorts of secret codes, which was regarded as a provocation by the others to gang up on him!

That battle made him wail pitifully, and he almost died!

Finally, the spies hidden on the other side risked their lives to send a top-secret message, asking about the situation with Braydon and why they had sent Luke Yates into the country alone.

When Braydon received the news, before his subordinates could verify the authenticity of the news, he had already killed 30,000 enemies alone with the Northern King sword and saved Luke from a pile of corpses.

After that accident, Braydon kept him by his side for another two years, saying that he was recuperating.

However, everyone knew that Luke was the closest person to Braydon. He was half a year younger than Braydon and would call Braydon brother when no one was around!

When Braydon had just arrived in the northern region, Luke was the first friend he had.

After thirteen years of brotherhood, how could Luke bear to leave the war-torn northern territory

Although he did not say it explicitly, he had used his actions to reveal a layer of meaning. If he were to leave the northern territory and Braydon, he, Luke Yates, would go to the other side and fight a battle of annihilation.

He would not disobey Braydons orders, but it did not prevent him from falling on the battlefield!

Now, Luke had disappeared again.

Braydon pushed the wheelchair to the entrance of the community.

“Braydon, wait!” Laura Quinn said.

Braydon stopped.

At the side, a crippled old man who had set up a stall to sell pancakes turned around and said in surprise, “Old Neal, why did you push Laura back Go back quickly. Its going to rain tonight. With Lauras weak body, how dare you let her suffer in the rain Dont cook tonight. I have some hot pancakes here for you to bring home to eat!”

As he spoke, the crippled old man wrapped four large, steaming pancakes in a plastic bag.


“Brother White, that wont do!” Louis Neal refused.

“Take it!” The old man forced the bag into his hands.

“Braydon,” Laura said softly, “Your Uncle White is a good man. Hes helped our family a lot all these years!”

“Uncle White, Im Braydon!” Braydon smiled brightly.

The old man quickly wiped his hands on his apron and shook his hand. “So, youre Braydon. Ive heard your father mention you before. Youre really tall and handsome!”

“Brother White, its getting late now. How about tomorrow My family will treat you to a meal!” Louis offered.

The old man did not reject his offer. “Alright, I wont go if its someone elses treat. Since its your treat, Ill go even if its stormy!”

“Its a deal!”

Louis took out a crumpled hundred dollar note and quietly stuffed it into the wooden box next to him.

The head of the workers who had just gotten off work passed by. He had big golden teeth and rudely threw ten dollars at him while urging, “Old man White, what are you talking about How many dishes can two poor people make if they treat each other Where are my two pancakes”

“Im working on it. Please wait a moment, boss Zen!”


Uncle White smiled apologetically and quickly got busy.

However, Jimmy Zens eyes were very sharp. He saw the four pancakes in Lauras hand and immediately scolded, “You think Im blind Did you sell my pancakes to this crippled woman”

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“No, boss Zen, dont worry. I saw that you were busy and was worried that the pancake would go cold, so I gave them to Laura first. Ill make you a hot one now!”

Uncle White continued to explain.

In the end, Jimmy Zen punched Uncle White on the chest, and he staggered back and fell to the ground, revealing half of his fake leg.

“Zen, dont go too far!” Louis was furious.

“Dont yell at me. Do you think Ill be afraid of you just because your son is back”

Jimmy sneered, “To be honest, I have more than a hundred people under me. The construction projects that I have contracted are the real estate developed by your Neal family. Ive known about your past a long time ago. If I beat you up today, will the Neal family not give me some benefits”

Jimmy raised his leg and was about kick Louis.



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