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21 This is Not Up to You

The man in the suit felt that his old man was making a mountain out of a molehill!

Howard Larson frowned and said in a profound tone, “The Sage family may seem weak. However, among the seven great families, there are only a few who dare to touch the Sage family. As long as this old woman is alive, the Sage family wont fall!”

Just as he had finished speaking...

“Which deity is this, talking about this old woman!”

A black, dragon-like convoy arrived.

The first car stopped steadily, and old lady Sage got off with her dragon-headed walking stick. The person holding an umbrella for her was the elegant and refined Heather Sage!

“Its me, your second brother Howard!” Howard Larson laughed out loud.

“I was wondering who it was. Its second brother Geralds birthday tonight. Did you have to come personally to offer him your wishes” Old lady Sage said with a faint smile.

In the end, Howard said disdainfully, “Hes nothing. Hes the one who killed his brother and seized all the power. He wants me to wish him happy birthday Dream on!”

“Then, whats going on” Old lady Sage smiled kindly.

“Spencer was here to celebrate his birthday, but he was injured instead. The Neal family has to give us an explanation!” The man in the suit said.

“Shut up, you embarrassing thing. Isnt it embarrassing enough already”

Howard glared at him. He felt that such embarrassment should not be openly talked about in such a situation.

However, Bryan Goldmans lips curved up slightly, and he said, “What kind of explanation does the Larson family want”

Before the Larson family could question him, Braydon Neal, who was dressed in plain clothes, walked over calmly.

Heather was pleasantly surprised and said, “Bray...”

“Silly girl, go ahead and shout out loud. Thats your brother Braydon!” Old lady Sage smiled lovingly.

Braydon walked to the front and took the umbrella from Heather. He held the umbrella for the old lady and greeted her softly, “Grandma!”

Heather let go and rolled her eyes.

In a car not far away, Spencer Larson was extremely agitated. “Grandpa, hes Braydon. The man beside him was the one who hurt me!” He said.

When Luke Yates heard this, his mouth was crooked from all the grinning.

There were still people who were not afraid of death in this world.

This guy Spencer still dared to provoke him!

Howard said angrily, “Neal familys juniors, step aside. Have second brother Gerald come out to welcome me personally!”

“Im afraid thatll be a little difficult!” Bryan smiled like a spring breeze.

The dozens of people from the Larson family all glared at him, not understanding what this young man was smiling about!

He was clearly disrespecting old master Larson!

“Old master Larson, Im afraid that his body is already cold. How would he be able to greet you himself” Bryan said once again.

“Second brother Gerald is dead”

Howards pupils constricted. He asked in shock and anger, “Its that old things eightieth birthday today. Did he die from a stroke”

“He committed suicide!” Bryan answered all his questions frankly.

Old lady Sage, who was beside him, sighed. She seemed to have guessed something. It was Gerald Neals eightieth birthday tonight. How could he have committed suicide

The old ladys heart was as clear as a mirror. She knew that all of this must have been done by Braydon.

“Second brother Howard,” Old lady Sage reminded him, “I think we should just forget about Spencer. Its pouring heavily now. Lets talk about it tomorrow!”

A good word of advice had little effect.

The Larson familys eldest young master was seriously injured, and they had come to question the culprit tonight. How could they be sent away just like that

However, Howard was a man who had lived a long life and seen a great deal. Gerald Neal had suddenly died, and with the addition of old lady Sages advice, he smelled danger and said decisively, “In that case, I wont disturb you any longer. Lets go home!”

“Grandpa, are we just going to let this slide” Spencers eyes were filled with disbelief.

When had the Larson family ever suffered such a huge loss!

Fabien Larson, the man in the suit, frowned. “Dad, Spencers injury isnt a joke. He was stabbed through by a sword and nailed to the ground. If this matter doesnt have an end, the Larson family will never be able to lift our heads up in front of the Neal family!

The Neal and Larson families had been at loggerheads for decades.

Old master Larsons anger rose when he heard that.

“Second brother Howard, please think twice about todays matter. Its not easy for the Larson family to accumulate a hundred-year-old foundation. Otherwise, if the seven great families in Preston become six in the future, well be a joke to outsiders!” Old lady Sage once again offered words of advice.

These words caused the old and young of the Larson family to be greatly shocked.

Was this old lady just bluffing them

Or did the Neal family really have someone they could not offend

Who could be sure

Howards old face gradually turned solemn.

However, Fabien Larson held back his anger and said, “The seven great families of Preston all know each other. Its true that that kid is your Sage familys son-in-law, but youre saying all this for him. Do you think the Larson family is scared of you”

“Dad, you cant let him go!”

Spencer struggled to get out of the car. His shoulder was wrapped in gauze, and blood was seeping through.

This tragic sight further incited Fabiens killing intent!

Fabien Larson had his own motives. He had been the head of the Larson family for fifteen years.

For the past fifteen years, he had not lived a comfortable life.


Fabiens two younger brothers were both in the upper echelons of the Larson group. They were both capable and wanted to make their sons fight for the next head of the family!

Fabien was aware of this, and this made him anxious.

All these years, he had been training his eldest son, Spencer Larson, to become the leader of the Larson familys younger generation.

Tonight, Spencer had been crippled in the Neal familys home, and he had lost all dignity.

If he did not get back his dignity, no one in the younger generation of the Larson family would listen to Spencer!

Fabien would not allow anyone to shake his position as the eldest son of the Larson family!

Fabien refused to leave and demanded an explanation from the Neal family for his sons sake.

Old lady Sage leaned on her dragon-headed walking stick and said, “Of course the Larson family isnt scared that easily, but Braydon isnt someone you can mess with. Second brother Howard, thats all I have to say. You better be careful!”

“Wait, no matter what happens tonight, I, second brother Howard, will accept Sister Sages favor!”

Old master Howards face was dark as he said, “But the person who was injured tonight isnt a branch family descendant. Hes my eldest grandson, the eldest son of the Larson family. If the Neal family hands over the person, we will live in peace. If they dont, tonight will be the day the Neal and Larson families have a fall out!”

The old mans words showed the Larson familys attitude!


“Im afraid I wont be handing this person over tonight!”

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Braydon was as calm as ever. If old lady Sage was not here, he would have asked Luke Yates to destroy this group of small fries.

“Thats not up to you to decide!” Fabien snorted.

Today, the Larson family was using all their power to oppress him, so in Fabiens eyes, the Neal family would just have to hand him over!

“You want me to hand Luke over The Larson family doesnt deserve it!” Braydon replied softly!

“Why you!”

The Larson family glared at him.

Braydon glared at them coldly, full of killing intent. The Larson family members felt as if they were struck by lightning.

Braydon stood between heaven and earth with his hands behind his back, looking quite majestic.

“Five years ago, little Luke caused a huge disaster. Thirty-six War God level experts from five countries joined forces to attack my northern territory and forced me to hand over Luke. If I didnt hand him over, they threatened to massacre my northern territory and that not even a blade of grass would grow there!” He said indifferently.

“I had no choice but to use the Northern King sword. I killed all thirty-six foreign War Gods who invaded the northern territory!

“Luke Yates is my brother. The Larson family is nothing in my eyes! How dare you ask that I hand him over”

As soon as he finished speaking, Braydons eyes turned cold and murderous. Everyone could not help but wrap their clothes tightly around them. They felt that the wind and rain tonight was bone-chilling!

Everyone was silent!

A man in a tunic suit walked out of the Larson familys crowd and said in a low voice, “Brat, dont go too far with your bragging. There hasnt been a single War God level figure in Preston in the past hundred years. No one has even seen one before, so how did you even kill one”

“Who are you Report your name!” Gordon Lowe coldly asked.

“Felix Larson from the Larson family!” The man in the tunic suit said proudly.

“Its him. Brother Braydon, be careful. Hes very powerful!”

Heathers eyes were very intelligent, making people feel that they were beautiful at first glance. She spoke those words in a hurry.

Braydon turned around and smiled tenderly, and even Bryan Goldman let out a smile.

Old lady Sage also smiled.

Heathers face turned red and hot, and she stomped her feet in embarrassment!

“Silly girl, your brother Braydon said that he can protect you for the rest of your life. He isnt lying to you!”

Old lady Sage felt that her granddaughter was so silly that she was adorable.

“Uncle Felix is one of the top ten martial artists in Preston city,” Heather said softly. “Hes ranked fourth. Grandma, you said that hes very strong!”

“Haha, not just Felix Larson, even the number one expert in Preston, Daoist Jonas Quill, is like an ant in front of your brother Braydon!”

Old lady Sage had been in contact with Braydon all these years.

All these years, Braydon had only reported the good news and not the bad news in his letters. As long as it was something good, he would definitely inform her in his letters to make her happy.

“Youve never seen a War God before” Luke said in disdain.

“Hmph, have you seen one before” Felix sneered.

In the next moment, Luke released his aura.

An unrestrained terrifying aura burst forth as his long hair fluttered behind his head, making him look like a Great Demon King.

The strong grass in the manors lawn was bent, the trees were leaning backward, and no one could straighten their backs!

Felixs eyes were filled with shock.

He could suppress a hundred blades of grass and ten thousand people!

This kind of aura was the symbol of a War God!

He was a formidable War God!



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