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27 Everyone is an Idiot

Heather Sage was curious by nature, but it was also a quality unique to young ladies nowadays.

If it was in the northern territory, in front of Braydon Neal, none of the millions of soldiers in the ten legions of the northern army dared to go out of line in front of the Northern King. They were all extremely cautious.

In fact, Braydon was not annoyed by Heathers personality!

After thirteen years of bitter cultivation in the northern territory, he had experienced bloody and great storms, which had forged a calm personality in Braydon.

Braydon smiled. “I was cultivating in the bright hall last night. The northern territory is not a place for one to play. Its the border. The stories you want to hear are full of blood and tears. That desert is very barren. Theres no green grass for thousands of miles, and no one for hundreds of miles!”

Heather listened quietly, and the car had already arrived at the entrance of Preston University.

“Miss Sage, were here!” The chauffeur said respectfully.

Heather had just gotten off the car when her classmates looked over from afar.

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A girl in a red dress walked over vivaciously. Her long legs were fair, and she smiled slyly. “Wow, talented girl. Someone actually came to send you off today. Its the Neal familys car. Let me see who it is!”

After saying that, the girl in the red dress did not hold back and took a peek.

Braydon looked at her and nodded with a faint smile.

Xana Thomas, the girl in the red dress, wrinkled her nose. “I know all the bad guys in the Neal family. Is he a member of the Neal family”

“Its none of your business. Lets go!” Heather pulled her along and wanted to leave.

Xana seemed to have thought of something and exclaimed, “Hes Braydon Neal The one who was betrothed to you, right”

“Shut it!” Heather immediately exploded in anger.

She did not want to introduce Braydon in the first place, for fear that her classmates would laugh at her.

But now, Xana had shouted it out loud!

This betrothal Heather had was something that everyone in Preston University knew about. The gossip about the school Belle always attracted peoples interest.

The students passing by all looked over curiously.

Just by looking at the Neal familys car, one could tell that Braydon was from a rich family!

The car used on a daily basis was worth a million dollars. There was also a full-time driver. No matter how they looked at it, he did not look like a child from an ordinary family.

The people from Preston University knew that the campus Belles in their school were basically all influential!

For example, Heather, who was known to be from one of the seven great families in Preston, was a fair, rich, and beautiful woman.

The fiancé of the legends had appeared at the gates of Preston Uni.

One could imagine how many people were curious!

Xana rolled her eyes and asked curiously, “Braydon, where do you study”

“He didnt go to college!” Heather came to his rescue.

Braydon went to the north at the age of seven. Where would he have the time to go to college!

Xana was stunned. She knew that Braydon was only a few months older than Heather. At the age of twenty, he should be in college!

Did he not go to college or school

This matter was a question mark!

“Dont tell me hes a rich playboy” Xana said.

The surrounding students of Preston Uni could not stop sighing!

Braydon was a famous talented woman in Preston, yet her fiancé was a dandy with a low education level. It was too disappointing.

Was he worthy of Heather Sage

This was a problem!

In the car, Braydon did not know whether to laugh or cry. He did not think that he looked like a rich playboy!

He was the great Northern King!

Braydon rolled down the window and said, “Ive never been to an ordinary University!”

“You graduated from a Junior College” Xana asked.

Braydon shook his head.

“Did he graduate from high school” Xana asked.

In the end, Braydon merely smiled.

“You really have never gone to school!” Xanas mouth twitched.

When the students of Preston Uni heard this, they instinctively turned their heads, their eyes filled with disdain!

If he did not go to school at this age, anyone would think that he was a useless young man who had nothing going for him.

“I went to the Northern military school. I wonder if it counts as a university” Braydon thought for a moment.

“What the f*ck! Northern military school!”

A bespectacled youth beside them cursed.

It was obvious that he knew about this school!

More importantly, this school did not accept students for general admission and was not open to the public. How did this guy know about it

“Northern military school Ive never heard of it. Are you lying to me” Xana asked suspiciously.

The nearby young men and women were all skeptical.

After all, those who were admitted to Preston University had filled out forms and checked the information of the top 100 universities in the country.


Almost no one in the crowd had heard of the Northern military school!

A handsome young man walked over from the distance. He was wearing branded sportswear. The most eye-catching thing was the watch on his wrist. It was a watch from an international brand, and its price started at six figures.

“What Northern military school A third-rate school Its just a name to fool people!” he said playfully.

His words caused the entire crowd to burst into laughter!

Students from Preston University were more or less arrogant.

“Bullsh*t!” The thin bespectacled mans face turned red.

“Whos talking Oh, Dumbo Danes!” The young man, Zeke Smith, showed a disdainful look.

Xana had a lively personality and was friendly with everyone. She asked curiously, “Jack, youve heard of this school”

“Of course, my brother is in the Northern military school. Hes the most powerful person in our village!”

Jack Danes face was full of pride when he mentioned his big brother.

In the end, it inexplicably caused everyone to laugh!


A burly young man in the crowd teased, “Dumbo Danes, dont tell me that there are only two college students in your village. One is you and the other is your brother”

“Why you!” Jack was furious.

However, it seemed like he was telling the truth. They were the only two college students in the village!

“The two of you are the hope of the village!” Someone else teased.

“Lets go, theres nothing to see here!” Some people had lost interest.

The crowd gradually dispersed, but the car door slowly opened!


Braydon officially got off the car, inexplicably attracting everyones attention. His quiet temperament from the inside out inexplicably made everyone feel at ease!

It was because of this unique temperament that Braydon was as stable as Mount Tanish in the northern territory!

“What are you doing” Heather glared at him.

She stood in front of Braydon and tried to push him back into the car.

After two days of getting to know him, Heather knew that once Braydon took it seriously, many people present would be in trouble.

Braydon was not someone Zeke Smith and the others could afford to offend!

As a result, Braydon laughed and rubbed Heathers head lovingly. Her soft, waterfall-like hair was like a little birds nest.

Such an intimate action made Zekes eyes turn dark, and he clenched his fists.

Who in the entire Preston city did not know that he, Zeke Smith, was pursuing Heather Sage!

Braydon was actually fighting with him

“Youre Braydon, the one whos betrothed to Heather, right Let me introduce myself. Im Zeke Smith. Ive never heard of the Northern military school you mentioned!”

Braydon looked away, his hands behind his back, calm and composed.

Zeke wanted to shake hands with him, but his hand stopped in mid-air, and he pulled it back. He was furious!

He felt that Braydon was too arrogant!

“Theres no need for idiots to know about the existence of the Northern military school!” Braydons thin lips moved slightly.



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