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Unfathomable Senior Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

*Holy **ing **… they are going to die…*

Matt looked on as the ** hit the fan and the wolves started chasing after the human hunters, he was still hovering above the crowd as it all happened , it looked at first that they would be able to escape as they were quite agile and moving through the forest quickly while the beasts were a bit less used to running there. But one of them tripped and fell right on his face, Matt did a mental facepalm at the sprawled out kid that was right below him, he looked quite comedic. Though this was no laughing matter as he knew that a wolf could catch up to the fallen teenager. 

*Damn… I have to help them… but… *

If you had to assign an alignment to Matt he was probably in the neutral good category, if he played any rpg games he always went for the good guy options, not really liking to replay them with the evil path options. But having a good personality and acting out on it were two different things as he froze while the kid was close to getting attacked by one of the monsters. He wanted to act, he wanted to be the hero of the story and whatnot, but that was harder than expected. While he was looking down at the scene, the wolf finally chomped down on the hunters leg, ferociously shaking its head to damage it more and more as it tore into the flesh. He could see the fear in the kids eyes, he screamed out in pain the other people around him didnt go to help him as they only stopped for a moment before turning around wanting to flee once more.

They all fell down to their knees and started hitting their foreheads on the floor, while not looking up which gave Matt a funny feeling. Though he did understand them, he wondered if English was normal around these parts or of there was some kind of translation thingy helping out.

“Uh… you dont need to do that, stand up”

All of them shoot up to their feet as if it would be rude not to follow his instructions and doing it slowly would be rude. He rubbed his neck a bit finding the whole thing uncomfortable but people in this kind of setting tended to be this way always revering the strong cultivators. One of the men that were previously running away moved forward over to the boy, he had a large build being even taller than Matt, he looked like the leader of the bunch.

“We of the Tatar Tribe greet honorable senior and thank him for giving aid.”

He bowed some more while the other three moved behind him and helped the previously injured boy up Matt didnt know if the pills accounted for blood loss but the other three were tending to the kid so he would probably be okay.

“Do these uh… beasts often do that, they seemed to be… enraged”

He was now interested a bit why the creatures were so violent and he also wanted to move the conversation along, he found the whole bowing thing to be quite awkward, to say the least.

“Yes, Senior! the magic beasts have been acting up for the past months, it started off small. Mostly it was a one or two of them that we came across but after a while more and more started getting violent, we believe that they are getting affected by something, maybe by another stronger beast or some treasure, but we cant go check as its far too dangerous now, we have lost a lot of brothers to the beasts, we dont want to lose more.”

He rubbed his chin while hearing the explanation while trying to think about his next move. The burly man in front of him seemed to be stressed out a bit as he stood at attention like he was talking to his superior. He looked even more stressed as after the explanation Matt kept staring at him without saying anything. Matt noticed that the man didnt look like any particular race of humans that he knew of, their skin had a darker tint to it but looked more to be a deep tan. 

*I wonder if there are any other races besides humans in this world, there are magical beasts here… maybe there are some elves around*

He wouldnt be against meeting some curvy elf girls to be honest, or maybe some cute catgirls Though he preferred the more humanoid looking ones plus he liked them quite curvy… in his old world those girls were referred to as thicc, but thick in the right areas not overweight this and that were two different things. He remained with his poker face while his mind drifted to pervy thoughts. The men that were looking at this overpowered senior in front of them gulped down as they didnt know if this was a good thing that he came here to save them or if he would be worse than the wolves. 


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