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Unfathomable Senior Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

The villagers left the cultivator at the hot spring inn of their village, the Chief ordered his people to block it off so that no one would bother the peculiar acting expert while he himself left to tend to his idiot of a son. He hoped that he didnt say anything foolish to the cultivator he wanted to be on friendly terms with anyone of this caliber, he couldnt really offer him anything as they were just a poor tribe in the middle of nowhere. Most people just dreamed of getting picked up by a prominent sect or clan and being a disciple of a renowned master. He wished he could help his son do that, but he seemed to have offended this Senior so that went out of the window, but the man didnt look angry probably not caring about a junior doing silly things, which was good.

After getting Yang Rong over here along with the team of hunters that knew the most about this enigmatic man, he started asking questions finding out about him saving the team, fending off a pack of wolves on his own and doing it without batting an eye. He then looked at his son that was holding his head down as he told that he started berating the hunters that the man helped, this ending with him having a pile of dead beasts dumped on his head, he still had a peculiar smell coming from his body even though he had already changed his clothes by this point.

He got out of the spring and wrapped the towel around his waist to cover his little brother. There was a large boulder in the middle of the spring onto which he got up and sat down in a meditation pose. He gathered his thoughts on the cultivation technique as he had the information about it in his brain.  Matt sat in a lotus position with his legs crossed in an uncomfortable-looking way. He brought his hands together with his right palm going under his left one while his right thumb went above his left thumb as they connected. He closed his eyes and tried to feel the spiritual Qi around his surroundings. 

Matt remained in the cultivation position for a bit and started absorbing the Qi around him. The spiritual force felt like little droplets around him, hovering in the air that he needed to pull in and towards his lower dantian that was in his abdomen. The droplets of Qi were guided to his hands and then towards his belly as he started absorbing the water-like substance, slowly gathering more and more. The spiritual power was thin around these parts so it was taking him a while to do this, but he was getting the hang of it. After the droplets turned into liquid and entered his body, it started getting rowdy in there. He needed to transform the spiritual energy into lightning Qi now, this was one of the hardest types that a cultivator could cultivate as it was quite unstable. But with the knowledge that he already had and the formed lightning core he managed it do that without fumbling all too much. He didnt even notice that a good couple of hours had passed by now and that it was midnight.

The tribe people noticed it though as they could feel a disturbance in the Qi force. They could feel the spiritual force from the surroundings getting sucked in one general direction which was, of course, the hot spring that Matt was sitting in almost naked. He was absorbing most of the spirit essence from the air which didnt leave much for the others, so everyone that was trying to cultivate peeked out in protest wondering who had the audacity to suck up their resources. They quickly found out that it was the wondering man dressed in white that was doing it. About this time they also noticed that the sky was void of stars as it was got really cloudy. Thunder could be heard up in the sky as it rumbled and in a shocking turn of events lightning bolts started crashing down into the hot spring that the cultivator was in, this making everyone go wide-eyed at the spectacle.

Matt was really in the zone right now, just taking in the Spiritual force and turning it into his own special kind of Qi. The sudden jolt of electricity that hit him just propelled his cultivation further and further. The little storm wasnt much as it didnt generate that much force, this as the reason why it was advised to cultivate in stormy areas at a high altitude, the practitioner could then gather many more lightning bolts into his body and further his cultivation at a higher pace. You could also use special herbs, magical treasures or pills that had a similar effect as well.

He opened up his eyes that were now glowing and looked upwards as the last thunderous strike was delivered onto his body before the stormy clouds subsided. Matt looked around the hot spring that was now sparkling with lightning energy that sipped into the water and supercharged it. Due to his forceful cultivation method, he managed to turn this spring into one that gathered lightning qi energy now, it was a gathering spot of the lowest of low grades, but for the people in this Tribe, it would be quite the treasured spot now. After finishing up he brought up his screen to check if his cultivation had advanced in any way and he was pleasantly surprised.

Cultivation Base Qi :Core Formation [Early Stage 5%] (Lightning Core)

*Heyyyy, thats pretty goood.*

*Now I only need to figure out the body cultivation thing*

Silver Body : Silver Body is the next advanced form of the Copper Body refining technique, instead of hard psychical training that is mostly attributed to body refining techniques, the cultivator absorbs weapons/treasures that are metallic in nature to refine his body into a treasure in its own. The higher grade the treasure is the stronger the body gets. Common grade weapons and treasures have no effect on this technique. The technique can be trained up to the Nascent Soul great circle realm.

*Ah, so its one of those… glad that I have a discount to crafting skills… guess Ill have to get some crafting materials and some crafting skills next.*


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