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Unfathomable Senior Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

*Wait, how long was I sitting on this rock…*

Matt noticed that it was really dark outside, some lanterns lit up the place around but he knew that it was quite late now.

*Those guys are probably still waiting for me outside…*

He moved off the boulder and found himself a towel to dry his body off. He put his clothes back on finding the self-cleaning function of them quite handy, as he wouldnt be stinking up the place like some of the other dudes that he saw in this village. The hygiene around here was just so so, but at least they did have this hot spring to wash of. He put on his boot and fixed his wrist protectors as he got ready, he stood up and looked behind him at the spring what felt a bit different than before he sure hoped that the people still could use it with the mild lightning Qi now floating around in there.

He noticed that the moment that he walked out to get dressed someone outside the changing room walked away, guess they were keeping tabs on him or something.Matt went out feeling refreshed and even a bit stronger thanks to his slight cultivation progress, he also didnt feel all that hungry even though he didnt eat much the whole day, besides the junk food he got from his store. This was also attributed to his high cultivation levels as people of that level could sustain their bodies on spiritual energy for a very long time without having to eat or drink. The same thing applied to holding their breath and living longer, a core formation expert had a 400-500 year life expectancy and considering that his body was about 30 years of age, he had a long way ahead of him.

*Maybe theyll invent the internet till my life runs out if its that long -sigh-*

Matt was greeted by the burly men outside that were still standing there, they gave him a bow of respect like they always did. He moved out while nodding his head at them and going back to his stoic poker face look. The Chief of the village soon came up running with some other people in tow once more.

“Hope you enjoyed your stay at the hot-springs, but those lightning strikes…”

“Ah, sorry I just had an epiphany and cultivated for a while, but dont worry the springs are still intact.Though they are a bit different now than before, shouldnt be much of a problem though.” *Well, dont really know though*

He interrupted the Chiefs questioning as it was getting late and while not needing that much sleep he wanted to turn in for the night.

“Do you think I could stay here for the night, I can also pay you if you want.”

The town leader perked up at the mention of a reward, but he couldnt just ask a monstrous cultivator for any cultivation resources all willy nilly. So he decided to decline the offer, at least for now…

“No need Senior Dong, we have prepared accommodations for you at our guest house, Im sure it will be to your satisfaction. Its right next to my own home, so if you have anything you need you just need to ask. Im hoping that youll join me for a morning meal tomorrow after you rest.”

Yang Shan asked while declining the payment, though Matt just wanted to give him some gold coins, thought that those were probably enough.

“Ah sure, Ill see you in the morning then, hope its not a bother.”

They both nodded at each other and Matt was lead away by some other warriors and women that were prepared to serve him for the night, yes the girls were supposed to serve the cultivator in any way possible, plus they agreed out of their own free will as this looked like a free meal ticket out of this dump. But they also were there to clean and cook if he decided to stay for longer or needed any servants.

He was led to a nice log cabin looking building that you would see at lake resorts, there was a fireplace inside and it was quite spacious. He was soon left in there with three females, there were all cute looking ladies and also quite young. Two of them looked like they were between the ages of 16 and 18 while the third one looked to be in her twenties. The girls gave him a bow and just stood there with sparkles in their eyes as they looked at Matt who was removing the hooded rope part of his clothes, he didnt need it now and he placed it in his storage ring.

Our hero found himself in the company of three pretty ladies, now you might think that being the manly man that he was he would just woo all of them at once, while using his sensual skills. But Matt just found himself frozen in place, not really being able to muster the courage to speak to the female trio that kept looking at his face. He had almost no experience what to speak of, he had one or two encounters here and there but they didnt count for much. He found himself staring at the girls with his passive resting bitch face so after a while the women started getting uncomfortable as they thought that he wasnt pleased with them being around here.

“Uh… Ill be in my room, g-goodnight…” 

He didnt want to be in this awkward situation anymore so he decided to head over to the bedroom alone, the females felt a bit dejected but they bowed at his words and left the building, reporting to the people outside that the cultivator didnt seem interested in them that much and gave them an unimpressed look. The three girls were one of the best looking ones from the entire village. Guess after a while you lose interest in those sorts of things The girls lamented their fate as the cultivator was sure their type of man, strong and good looking and probably loaded with cash, the clothes that he was wearing were a sign of how well off he was as they didnt compare to anything they had in this village. 

The girls pouted at each other and just went away for now while Matt himself gave out a sigh and flopped onto the bed, the mattress was a bit hard but he could deal with it. He lamented to himself at the blunder with the girls but not really that much, thinking that after he got acclimated in this world and got the hang of it, then he could start pursuing the whamen. 

He glanced at the map of his and could see dots surrounding his abode, probably being the tribe villages that were guarding or just spying on him for the night. He mentally shrugged at the whole thing and thought that he had a couple of options now. He could either stay here, for the time being, there were a lot of beasts around here that werent a problem for him. He could earn spirit points by slaying those quite easy. Though the odd prefix before their names was strange, something must be making them go berserk and if he stayed he would probably have to face that as well. The second option would be to leave and head over to  Spirit Spring City where his so called Clan was in, he could get acclimated in there as well, but would he have a place to grind like here Were there more powerful cultivators in the city that he wouldnt be able to defend himself against Or go with option three and just ignore that City and just explore some more.

*Think Ill stay here a bit longer, the people seem friendly enough. This thing isnt giving me any quests, so I guess this is more of an open setting, the rage monsters seem like a quest to clear though…Well, guess its time to sleep.*

He put his thoughts to the back of his mind and turned to his side as he closed his eyes, the first day had finally finished, but on the next time new adventures and opportunities awaited. 


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